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Social Work Rehabilitation Services for Adults

Social workers at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation are uniquely qualified to help people adapt to the changes brought on by illness, injury, or disability.

Social Work Services for Inpatients

Social workers meet regularly with patients at Rusk Rehabilitation during their hospital stay to address any concerns related to the emotional and physical impact of an illness or disability.

Through a combination of individual, family, and group treatment sessions, the social worker provides support and assists you and your family in adjusting to your new needs and challenges.

Licensed clinical social workers also serve as Rusk Rehabilitation’s link between the hospital and the community, coordinating at-home care for patients, and encouraging you and your family to actively participate in formulating a discharge plan that meets your immediate needs. Social workers also talk with you about planning your long-term recovery after you leave Rusk Rehabilitation.

A social worker can help to identify any financial concerns you and your family may have, and work with insurance carriers and community resources to ensure the smooth delivery of healthcare services. This assistance includes exploring and assisting in applying for financial entitlements, helping in long-term care planning, and making recommendations and referrals to available community resources such as home care, support groups, and transportation assistance.

There is no fee for social work counseling and assistance to inpatients. To learn which of our social workers has been assigned to you, please call 212-263-5018.

Social Work Services for Outpatients

As part of Rusk Rehabilitation’s outpatient program, patients and their families continue to learn about and adapt to the changes that follow illness or injury. Our social workers have specialized knowledge of neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation. They are available to provide psychological counseling to patients and families in order to address any concerns related to the emotional impact of the patient’s illness and disability, including the effects of prolonged caregiving.

To help patients and their families address difficulties in adjusting to illness or disability that can otherwise lead to anxiety and depression, the Rusk Rehabilitation social work staff teaches strategies that emphasize inner resilience, self-advocacy, and drawing on one’s own strengths.

Our social workers also help identify practical solutions that use available community resources, such as support groups, wellness programs, and respite care for caregivers, as well as provide education and assistance in applying for government-sponsored financial entitlements and programs.

As part of the rehabilitation team, a social worker facilitates discussion between patients, their families, and our treatment staff to formulate a discharge plan that addresses the patient’s needs and can help maintain the gains made during their outpatient treatment. We also offer video visits to help meet your needs and make sure you can continue your recovery at home.