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NYU Langone Health App

The NYU Langone Health app puts the highest-quality care in your hands, making the entire experience of accessing your medical records, scheduling appointments, and contacting your care team seamless.

With the app, it’s easier and faster to manage care for you and your family. It keeps all of your health information in one place, and you can quickly connect with your care team.

Download the NYU Langone Health app on the App Store or Google Play.

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Simply log in with your NYU Langone Health MyChart account—creating one takes just minutes—and you’ll have the expertise of NYU Langone’s specialists in your pocket, whenever you need them. If you don’t yet have a MyChart account, you can create your account now.

Your Convenient Care Connection

When it comes to your health, having the right support makes all the difference. With the NYU Langone Health app, everything you need for a smooth and successful care journey is just a tap away.

From the home screen, it’s simple to:

  • schedule or change your appointments
  • view your test results and clinical notes
  • message with your care team
  • see your medications

Plus, the app gives you convenient tools to:  

  • request prescription refills
  • see your full electronic health record
  • manage bill payments
  • manage care for others
  • share information with other providers

These tools are easy to find and use, deliver important updates as soon as possible, and keep you informed and ready for what’s next.

Make an Appointment

Need to make an NYU Langone Health appointment? Whether you’re seeing a new doctor or coming for a check-up with your current provider, the app’s scheduling feature makes it simple to pick the date and time that works for you.

VIDEO: Learn how to use the app to schedule an appointment with an NYU Langone provider.

Find a Doctor Through the App

With the NYU Langone Health app, finding the right doctor is easier than ever. You can conveniently search more than 4,000 providers by specialty, location, and insurance coverage, and in just a few taps select the best match for your needs.

VIDEO: You can use the NYU Langone Health app to easily find a primary care doctor, specialist, or other healthcare provider.

Support at Every Step

The NYU Langone Health app ensures that you get the most helpful guidance throughout your care experience. You’ll receive ongoing personalized assistance, including videos and instructions to help you prepare and recover, important tasks and key reminders to stay on track, and more. You’ll know what to expect, stress less, and have help by your side.
From testing and diagnosis through treatment and recovery, you’ll know what to expect, stress less, and always have help by your side.

VIDEO: The NYU Langone Health app helps you manage your care with useful tools at every step of the way.

Virtual Urgent Care: Skip the Waiting Room

Sore throat? UTI? Mystery rash? Child running a fever?

Same-day treatment for many non-emergency conditions is now available with a Virtual Urgent Care video visit. You’ll be connected with an NYU Langone Health provider for a convenient consultation using your mobile device, to receive a diagnosis, guidance on treatment, and follow-up instructions.

It’s an invaluable option that’s easy to access whenever you need—right in your app.

VIDEO: When you need same-day care for a non-emergency condition, NYU Langone’s Virtual Urgent Care has you covered.

Shared Access: Simple and Secure

If you’d like to share your MyChart medical information with a loved one—or receive access to your child’s health record—the app makes it simple.

With the Friends and Family Access feature, you can decide whether to give each person full or limited access. You can also request your children’s health records if they’re 11 years old or younger. At age 12, your children can easily grant you access. Plus, the app lets you temporarily share your medical information with any healthcare providers who need it.

You always have control over your private information, how much you share, and who sees it.

Stay In the Know, On the Go

With the NYU Langone Health app, you’re connected to everything you need, anywhere you are. It’s the most convenient way to manage your care, be in touch with your care team, feel prepared at every step, and stay well-supported throughout your health journey.