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Vocational Rehabilitation

An integral part of NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation since its inception, our vocational rehabilitation program helps people with disabilities find employment in the competitive marketplace. Through the following programs, our clients explore vocational options and develop the skills they need to return to school or work.

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Vocational Counseling Service

Rusk Rehabilitation’s vocational counseling service focuses on individualized career development for adults, including career exploration, clarifying academic goals, and resources to support your vocational choices. We work with you to examine your interests, abilities, and career goals, as well as everything you need to be successful on a job.

Rusk Rehabilitation vocational counselors can also work with your current employer to support your return and provide referrals to the state vocational rehabilitation agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and support services at colleges and training schools.

Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation

In the diagnostic evaluation, a vocational rehabilitation counselor helps you determine your vocational potential by assessing aptitude, interests, academic achievements, skills, strengths, and work tolerance. This evaluation is then used to identify a vocational objective and to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan, which may include referrals for specific skills training or placement services.

Our experts use a wide variety of techniques in the evaluation process, including behavioral observation, computer-based assessment of software and business skills, standardized aptitude tests, achievement and interest tests, and a functional learning assessment.

At the end of this process, you have a case conference with your vocational evaluator and referring counselor to discuss the information learned from our assessments as well as your vocational recommendations. Next steps may include trial work experience, occupational skills training, further education, job-seeking skills supports, a referral for additional services, or direct job placement.

Work Readiness and Job Skills Training Program

Rusk Rehabilitation’s work readiness and job skills training program, modeled after on-the-job training programs, develops work preparation skills that help you succeed in the workplace. As a trainee, you are placed in occupational settings tailored to your needs and interests, either at NYU Langone or at external organizations. You receive supervised training and gain work experience while refining your job performance and skills.

Throughout the program, you meet regularly with a rehabilitation counselor to discuss any work or training issues. After completing the program, you may be placed in a job, referred to a program for occupational skills training, or receive additional support based on your goals.

Computer Skills Training

Computer skills training provides comprehensive training in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. It is designed to give you the necessary skills for administrative support jobs and other positions that require computer literacy.

We also offer individual training in voice recognition software, for those who have limited ability to manipulate a mouse or keyboard or who simply want to learn to operate a computer hands-free.

Job Placement Services

Our job placement services program provides you with effective strategies for navigating the job market to achieve your career goals. The program concentrates on direct employer referrals, job interviews, and employment retention.

As a program participant, you meet regularly with a Rusk Rehabilitation vocational counselor, who offers assistance in creating your resume, completing applications, preparing for interviews, and job development and placement. While participating in our job placement services, you can also take advantage of internships arranged through Rusk Rehabilitation. These internships provide a chance to gain valuable work experience and a current job reference, as well as an opportunity to train in multiple areas and develop additional job skills.

Business Advisory Committee

Our vocational rehabilitation experts maintain an extensive business advisory committee and employer network of multiple organizations from the corporate, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and education sectors. Committee meetings offer a chance for job-ready candidates to meet and network with potential employers to build relationships that can lead to job interviews, internships, advice and information, and mentoring opportunities.

Through these ongoing partnerships with businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area, we have been successful in helping clients achieve their employment goals and increase their independence, while offering employers access to a diverse and talented applicant pool.