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Vendor & Supplier Information

NYU Langone Health offers a variety of procurement opportunities for vendors and suppliers to participate in projects across the medical center. Interested firms should check back regularly for updated information.

Real Estate, Development, Facilities, and Construction Vendors

Real estate and construction vendors can learn more about NYU Langone’s procurement opportunities for various construction projects, consulting, and allied goods and services, and read our design guidelines for project managers, architects, and engineering teams. This includes but is not limited to projects required to rebuild our physical facilities after Superstorm Sandy.

Supply Chain Vendors and Service Suppliers

Prospective and current suppliers can learn more about engaging with NYU Langone to provide supplies, services, and other activities. This includes necessary details about doing business with NYU Langone and our affiliated entities, such as terms and conditions, purchase order and payment policies and practices, as well as expectations for compliance and conduct.

Suppliers with an established relationship with NYU Langone can learn more about practical information for successfully managing business activities, as well as guidance on how to access our self-service and support resources.


NYU Langone Health requires that all of its vendors and contractors to abide by the NYU Langone Health compliance program and to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. As such, vendors and contractors are expected to be aware of and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and the following policies and procedures:

Vendors can find additional information about the NYU Langone Health compliance program and its privacy and compliance policies on the General Compliance and HIPAA Patient Privacy pages. Questions can be directed to the Office of Internal Audit, Compliance, and Enterprise Risk Management at 212-404-4079 or at ComplianceHelp@NYULangone.org.