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Orthopedic Trauma & Fracture

NYU Langone’s orthopedic trauma team is the most experienced and highly trained in the New York City area, each year providing urgent and follow-up care to thousands of people with traumatic orthopedic injuries and fractures. We treat people age 16 and older.

Our surgeons treat every level of injury, from sprains and fractures to life-threatening trauma. Because of the nature of traumatic injury, our orthopedists work closely with plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and vascular surgeons to deliver the highest level of care. We use advanced techniques to care for injuries to nerves and blood vessels, as well as injuries involving soft tissue loss.

Conditions we treat include the following:

  • acute fractures of bones, including the ankle, foot, tibia, tibial plateau, knee, femur, femur shaft, distal femur, distal radius, ulna, forearm, humerus, proximal humerus, humerus shaft, distal humerus, clavicle, hip and pelvis, and shoulder and elbow
  • stress and insufficiency fractures, which are tiny breaks that develop as a result of repetitive or high-impact activity
  • fragility fractures, which usually result from minor trauma such as a fall from standing in people who have weak bones
  • problem orthopedic trauma such as fractures that do not join or heal improperly, failure of hardware such as screws or a prosthesis, or fractures that involve muscle or other soft tissue
  • fracture-related infections and osteomyelitis, which is an infection in the bone

Among the procedures we perform are the following:

  • fracture repairs and joint-preserving surgery
  • bone grafts, in which a donated piece of bone is used to help repair a fracture, fuse bones, or fill in gaps in the bone caused by cysts or tumors
  • fracture reduction or fracture setting, which aligns a broken bone so it may heal properly
  • joint contracture releases for the treatment of immobile joints
  • limb lengthening, in which surgery and medical devices can lengthen a limb over time
  • osteomyelitis treatment to cure bone infection

We also create treatment plans to improve bone health and increase bone mass.

Our surgeons provide emergency and urgent care at the following locations:

We provide outpatient and ambulatory care at the following locations:

To reach one of our orthopedic trauma experts, call 800-FRACTUR or 800-372-2887. In most cases, we are able to provide care the same day you call.

In addition, our surgeons work as part of the interdisciplinary teams at NYU Langone’s Bone Healing Center, Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center, and Limb Salvage and Restoration Center.