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Shoulder & Elbow Care

NYU Langone orthopedic experts provide surgical and nonsurgical treatments for people experiencing athletic-related or traumatic injuries, as well as degenerative conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow. These include rotator cuff injuries, dislocation and instability issues, arthritis, and fractures.

Our surgeons are dedicated to the treatment of shoulder and elbow conditions, from sprains and strains to reconstructive surgery and joint replacement.

Conditions we provide treatment for include:

  • dislocated shoulder (shoulder instability), which occurs when the top of the upper arm bone becomes disengaged from the shoulder socket
  • elbow sprain and fracture
  • frozen shoulder, which is the tightening of the shoulder joint that makes it painful to move the arm
  • golfer’s elbow, pain in the bone on the inner side of the elbow
  • labral tear, an injury to the tissue that holds the arm in place
  • little league elbow, pain in the elbow joint that occurs in young baseball players before the age of puberty
  • shoulder tendinitis, tendinopathy, or tendinosis, also called tennis shoulder, which are tiny tears or inflammation in the tendons that connect the shoulder to the muscles of the rotator cuff and biceps
  • shoulder sprain
  • tennis elbow, pain in the bone on the outside of the elbow

Procedures we perform include:

  • adhesive capsulitis surgery for frozen shoulder, during which the arm is moved at the shoulder joint to relieve pain and stiffness
  • stabilization shoulder surgery
  • rotator cuff repair, a surgery to fix tears in the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm
  • shoulder replacement and reverse total shoulder replacement, particularly for people with shoulder osteoarthritis
  • tendon repair