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Our Approach to Treating

Stress Fractures

Orthopedic sports medicine specialists at NYU Langone Orthopedic Center can recognize even the most subtle signs of stress fractures, which are tiny breaks in a bone that develop as a result of a repetitive, high-impact activity. This type of injury usually occurs in the lower leg or foot. It often affects people who quickly increase the duration and intensity of a physical activity without gradually building up endurance.

Early diagnosis and treatment of stress fractures can increase the likelihood of a full recovery and reduce the time it takes to heal. Our doctors use X-ray and high-resolution MRI scans to confirm the diagnosis and monitor healing. Our doctors and physical therapists use advanced rehabilitation techniques and equipment to help you return to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Stress Fractures

Rest is the most important therapy for stress fractures. Doctors at NYU Langone offer electronic and ultrasonic bone stimulation to speed healing and physical therapy to strengthen bone and muscle, which can prevent further injury.

Our Research and Education in Stress Fractures

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.