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Hand Surgery

NYU Langone has one of the largest hand surgery programs in the United States, providing comprehensive care for injuries to the hand, wrist, finger, and forearm. These conditions are often caused by arthritis; fractures and dislocations of the wrist and hand; lacerations of tendons, nerves, and arteries; and acquired conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve compression disorders of the upper extremities.

Hand evaluations are performed at our Hand Center, which offers the full spectrum of care for upper extremity–related injuries for patients of all ages.

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained hand specialists evaluate and treat thousands of patients each year. Some of the most effective treatments do not require surgery—they involve hand therapy and the use of several types of splints created by our certified hand therapists.

When surgery is necessary, the latest and most sophisticated techniques are used. More than 5,000 hand procedures are performed each year at NYU Langone.

Learn more about the conditions we specialize in and the treatments we provide at our Hand Center.