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Neuropalliative Care

As part of NYU Langone’s neurology services, we offer neuropalliative care aimed at improving the quality of life of our patients facing serious neurologic illnesses. Our primary goal is to ensure you feel supported, so we provide personalized care that aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

Our team of experts specialize in patient-focused service and provide supportive care that empowers you to navigate your journey with confidence. We focus on managing symptoms, planning medical decisions in advance, and improving quality of life—always in alignment with your expressed wishes.

The neuropalliative care service is led by Dr. Eileen J. Harrigan, one of only a handful of neuropalliative care doctors in the tri-state area applying the principles of palliative care to neurologic illness.

Conditions We Treat

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is skilled in treating a wide range of serious neurologic conditions. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Our Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach is as comprehensive as it is compassionate. Our offerings include the following:

As part of the interdisciplinary team approach, a social worker provides psychosocial support to patients and caregivers to assist with coping and managing the illness. Additionally, our social worker completes a comprehensive needs assessment to coordinate appropriate services and resources in the community, which can be helpful in navigating a diagnosis. These resources are unique for each patient but may include the following:

  • support groups for patients and/or care partners
  • educational groups for specific neurologic conditions
  • mental health resources
  • home care services, whether through insurance or private pay
  • coordination of in-home medical care and equipment
  • social day programs
  • exercise classes for specific neurologic conditions
  • medication management systems
  • future planning, including elder law attorney resources, Medicaid resources, and assisted living and nursing home placement
  • assistance with life transitions, such as a referral to hospice services and end-of-life care

Our social worker builds strong, trusting relationships with patients and their families while being a source of guidance and support for those being impacted by a serious neurologic condition.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious neurologic illness and are interested in our neuropalliative care services, please call 212-263-7744 to schedule an appointment.

Referring physicians can also call 212-263-7744 to refer patients for our neuropalliative care services.