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At NYU Langone’s Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment, we provide early diagnosis and the appropriate treatments for memory loss, coupled with the support services needed to strengthen you and your family for the journey ahead.

Elderly Patients at Pearl I. Barlow Center

Regarded as one of New York City’s most comprehensive clinical treatment centers for memory disorders of all origins, the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment is dedicated to helping patients manage memory disorders. We offer:

  • a team approach to care delivered by experienced neurologists, geriatricians, nurse practitioners, neuropsychologists, and social workers
  • caring, knowledgeable, and empathetic staff who work together to support the patient, caregiver, and family
  • clinicians who are involved in active research projects to better understand the genetics and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and develop new treatments

As part of NYU Langone’s Center for Cognitive Neurology and Silberstein Alzheimer’s Institute, our focus is on addressing the needs of those experiencing Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, frontotemporal degeneration, progressive aphasias, and other dementias as a result of neurodegenerative disease.

We also offer programs in cognitive remediation for older adults with concerns about their memory, as well as those with mild cognitive impairment.

We understand that these conditions affect you in numerous ways, changing the way you think, function, feel, and act. By using the most advanced treatments, technologies, and research options available, we provide you with diagnostic testing, assessments for the cause of your memory loss, MRI scanning and evaluation, neurological evaluations, tailored treatment plans, psychotherapy, compassionate care, and cognitive remediation.

We know your diagnosis affects your family members and caregivers as well, so we offer them appropriate support, resources, and services. Our clinical social workers provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy for patients and their families.

Your First Visit

There is no single test to diagnose dementia. At our center, the diagnosis is made by a global assessment of the patient’s history, a clinical exam, and pencil-and-paper tests. A few of the steps we take include:

  • a consultation with an experienced neurologist who is an expert in dementia diagnosis and treatment
  • a detailed review of the patient’s medical history, including past and present brain scans
  • a neurological examination assessing higher cortical function, such as memory, language, attention, visuospatial function, and judgment
  • diagnostic testing, including blood tests and brain MRI, as well as single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) or PET scanning, if needed
  • development of a treatment plan that may include medications to slow memory loss, non-pharmacological approaches, psychotherapy, or cognitive therapy
  • counseling to discuss questions and to review your doctor’s recommendations

For your first visit, we recommend that you bring a loved one or caregiver with you who can help answer questions about your memory changes and take notes. We also ask you to bring your medical history and copies of any prior brain scans and neurological examinations assessing your memory, language, attention, visuospatial function, and judgment skills.

Patients are given the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials at NYU Langone’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, and participate in imaging and biomarker studies. In addition, the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment works closely with the Center for Cognitive Neurology’s clinical trial programs. Recommendations for a wide array of available clinical trials are tailored to individual patients.

A New York State Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease

The New York State Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease at the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment provides integrative, comprehensive, and coordinated medical services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families and caregivers living in the five boroughs of New York City. Services are supported in part with a grant from the New York State Department of Health.

Our staff includes neurologists, geriatricians, geriatric nurse practitioners, and social workers who specialize in geriatric care. Case management services are provided by our social workers, with a particular emphasis on elders at risk—especially those who live alone or with frail caregivers.

An individualized care plan is developed for each person, and referrals are made to appropriate community resources, such as adult day care, home care, respite care, or long-term care. We also work closely with NYU Langone’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Family Support Program, as well as community support groups including the Alzheimer’s Association, CaringKind, and Sunnyside Community Services.

About Pearl I. Barlow

The Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment was created through the generosity of the late Pearl Ida Barlow. After caring for her aging parents, she wanted to contribute to a center that would give comprehensive care to the elderly and aging.

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Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation & Treatment

145 East 32nd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10016

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