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As a leader in epilepsy care, we provide personal treatment that improves seizure control and quality of life.

At NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, excellence in patient care is our core mission. Our specialized doctors, nurse practitioners, clinical nurses, neuropsychologists, and electroencephalogram (EEG) technologists are dedicated to exploring the complexities of epilepsy and seizure disorders in adults and in children, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that manages your symptoms and improves your quality of life.

Neurologist Dr. Orrin Devinsky with Patients

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is among the largest epilepsy treatment programs in the United States. We specialize in treating challenging forms of epilepsy. These are best addressed through collaboration, so we hold weekly conferences that bring more than 20 members of our team together to develop the best treatment strategy for you.

Care for the most complex cases occurs at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center in Manhattan, where we provide the latest responsive stimulation therapies that allow us to manage epilepsy without operating on the brain. If surgery is recommended, you are cared for by our neurosurgeons from the advanced surgical program at NYU Langone’s Tisch Hospital. We are often able to offer novel or experimental surgical treatments to patients who have been otherwise told they are not candidates for those procedures.

This level of care has earned our Manhattan location accreditation as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. This distinction recognizes that we have the have the professional expertise and facilities required to provide the highest-level medical and surgical care for people with complex epilepsy.

Neurologists at Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

A Team Approach to Epilepsy Care

Our team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, and epileptologists—doctors who specialize in treating epilepsy and seizure disorders—who care for people who have all kinds of epilepsy and seizure disorders, including those that are the most difficult to control.

For adults and children whose epilepsy is not well controlled by medication, we provide surgical options. Our neurosurgeons have a reputation for successfully treating people with the most challenging forms of epilepsy, as well as those who were told by other epilepsy centers that they were not surgical candidates.

We perform several kinds of epilepsy surgery, including temporal lobe resection, corpus callosotomy, lesionectomy, hemispherectomy, and multiple subpial transection as well as vagus nerve stimulation, responsive neurostimulation, and laser surgery. The goal of surgery is to help people achieve complete or nearly complete seizure control.

Patients also are cared for by neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and EEG technologists who specialize in epilepsy. Through our nutrition program, we offer ketogenic and modified Atkins dietary therapies to treat epilepsy. Our dietitians can also provide support to help you improve your dietary habits.

At NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center—Sleep Center, we provide evaluation and treatment for sleep disorders. Helping people with epilepsy sleep better is one way to help control seizures.

Specialized Epilepsy Care

The Pediatric Epilepsy Program, part of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, is staffed by pediatric neurologists and other experts who care for infants and children. We also have programs focused on the most complex epilepsy disorders, including Dravet syndrome, epileptic encephalopathies, Angelman syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis (TS), a rare genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow on the brain, triggering seizures.

In addition, if you are traveling from abroad to obtain treatment at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, our International Epilepsy Program helps make it easier for you to access our world-renowned care.

Leaders in Epilepsy Research

Research is a dedicated priority, and we concentrate our efforts on projects that we hope can have an impact on the lives of our patients.

Our research teams work on diverse projects, such as new drug development that includes cannabis-based and genetic therapies, the genetics of epilepsy, sudden unexplained death in epilepsy, treatments for neuroinflammation-induced epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy, autism and epilepsy, and many others.

NYU Langone experts are committed to conducting clinical research for the benefit of both adults and children who have epilepsy and seizure disorders. Participation in a clinical trial offers the possibility of access to new anti-epileptic medications before they are marketed. Participants are seen regularly by experienced neurologists and research staff to assess safety and effectiveness of the medication or treatment being studied.

If you or your child have uncontrolled seizures, are between the ages of 2 and 80, and would like to participate in one of our ongoing clinical trials, talk to your doctor or call us at 646-558-0842 to determine your eligibility.

Our dedication to our patients overall health and wellness is the driving force behind our success. We are committed to providing you and your family with the treatment you need to bring balance to your life.

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Our team of physicians includes experts in neurology, neuropsychology, and neurosurgery.

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  • Orrin Devinsky, MD
    Director | Epilepsy, Neurology

    Dr. Devinsky's epilepsy research interests include surgical therapy, cannabinoids and other medications to manage epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis, sudden death in epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, quality-of-life concerns, and cognitive and behavioral issues in epilepsy. He has published widely on epilepsy and behavioral neurology, including more than 350 articles and chapters, and more than 20 books and monographs. He has chaired several committees for the American Epilepsy Society and has served as a board member. He is active in the American Academy of Neurology and the Epilepsy Foundation. He helped found two neurology journals, as well as Epilepsy.com and the Epilepsy Therapy Project, and serves as a reviewer for more than 30 journals.

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