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Our Approach To Dementia

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What Sets Us Apart

NYU Langone offers evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation services for dementia—a term describing symptoms such as memory loss and a decline in thinking and reasoning skills that often result from conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Most of these conditions are chronic and progressive—that is, they advance over a long period and have no known cure—although treatments can slow the development of some symptoms. Also, dementia may be reversible if an underlying cause, such as hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, or nutritional deficiencies, is treated.

Treatment at NYU Langone

NYU Langone neurologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists work together to diagnose dementia. Our experts at the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment focus on identifying the type of dementia a person has before planning a course of treatment. NYU Langone also offers support programs for people with dementia, their families, and caregivers.

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