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Spiritual, Religious & Chaplaincy Services for Adults

At NYU Langone, we understand that spiritual and emotional wellbeing may be just as important to your health and recovery as the medical treatments you receive. Because of that, our spiritual care team is an integral part of your care. Chaplains, imams, priests, and rabbis are available around the clock to meet with you and your family.

Our spiritual care team is trained to counsel people of all faiths. A chaplain can talk with you about your diagnosis and help you cope with the emotions that accompany illness and treatment. A chaplain also provides counseling on faith-related issues, supports you and your family during difficult conversations, and offers prayer, if desired.

Request a Visit

To request a visit from a chaplain, please fill out our online form or ask your nurse. You can contact our spiritual care team directly at the following locations:

For urgent requests, please ask your nurse to page the chaplain on call. Religious, spiritual, and chaplaincy services for children and their families are also available.

If you already have a connection to a local religious institution, your clergy member is welcome to visit you.