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Religious Services, Items & Meal Requests

In addition to talking with you and your family, chaplains are also available to perform various religious services on site at NYU Langone. These include baptism, communion, and anointing of the sick. Rabbis are available for certain prayer services. Chaplains also counsel, support, and pray with families and patients at the time of death.

Sacred Texts and Religious Items

Sacred texts are available to all patients at NYU Langone. The Christian Bible, Jewish siddur, and Muslim Koran can be borrowed. Other religious items available upon request include Buddhist mala prayer beads, Catholic rosary beads, Jewish Sabbath candles, and Muslim sajajid (prayer rugs).

To request these items, please talk with your nurse or fill out our online form. You can also phone in a request using the following numbers:

Specialty Foods

If you have religious dietary needs, such as kosher or halal, please inform your nurse.

We also have Bikur Cholim rooms where kosher meals and snacks are available. The Bikur Cholim room at Tisch Hospital is located on the first floor behind the Meditation Room. At NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, the Bikur Cholim room on the fourth floor provides kosher snacks and Shabbos provisions.