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Joan F. Cangiarella, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education, Faculty, and Academic Affairs

Judith S. Hochman, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences

Melvin G. Rosenfeld, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

Michael M. Ambrosino, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Victoria C. Dinsell, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Brian D. Elbel, MPH, PhD
Associate Dean for Research Mission Strategy and Administration  

Anthony J. Grieco, MD
Associate Dean for Alumni Relations and Academic Events

Victoria M. Harnik, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum

Adriana Heguy, PhD
Associate Dean for Division of Advanced Research Technologies

Eva M. Hernando-Monge, PhD
Assistant Dean for Research Integration

Kirk N. Lawson, MBA
Associate Dean for Academic Planning and Innovation

Joanne McGrath, MS Ed
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

Georgeann McGuinness, MD
Associate Dean for Mentoring and Professional Development

Keith J. Micoli, PhD
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Iman Osman, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research Strategy

Jeremy I. Paul, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic Science Research Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Molly E. Poag, MD
Assistant Dean for Education in the Clinical Sciences

Michael Poles, MD, PhD
Assistant Dean for Education in the Preclinical Sciences

Joseph E. Ravenell, MD
Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs and Inclusion

Rafael Rivera, MD, MBA
Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

Barry P. Rosenzweig, MD
Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Michael Simberkoff, MD
Associate Dean for Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Naoko Tanese, PhD
Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences

Susanne Tranguch, PhD, MBA
Associate Dean for Research Training and Communications

Marc M. Triola, MD
Associate Dean for Educational Informatics

Jonathan H. Weider, BA
Assistant Dean for Advanced Applications