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Fertility Services

NYU Langone’s fertility specialists are leaders in the field of reproductive endocrinology, providing the latest and most innovative treatment options to help individuals and couples plan for a family, either now or in the future.

Treatment starts with using the most advanced testing to evaluate reproductive health and pinpoint the cause of infertility in men and women. This includes hormone and ovarian reserve testing, pelvic exam, ultrasound, testing to determine the risk of passing on a genetic condition, and sonohysterogram, which examines the health of the fallopian tubes.

Excellence in Fertility Preservation

We are leaders in fertility preservation, which allows both eggs and embryos to be stored for future use, and in vitro fertilization, which helps people who have had difficulty conceiving through traditional methods achieve a healthy pregnancy.

We pioneered preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening, which looks for abnormalities in an embryo that could affect development. Preimplantation genetic testing reduces the risk of miscarriage and increases the chance of a successful pregnancy.

For people who lack viable eggs or sperm or who cannot carry a pregnancy, we offer several treatment options, including donor eggs, donor sperm, and gestational carriers. These treatment options can assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+) individuals or couples achieve their goal of starting or expanding their families.

Each person’s circumstance is unique, and we work with you to determine the fertility treatment path best suited to your needs. This includes women who wish to freeze eggs for use later in life, perhaps because they are receiving treatment for cancer or other conditions that can affect fertility.

Fertility treatment is available at the NYU Langone Fertility Center, NYU Langone Fertility Center—NoMad, and NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York, which has locations in Brooklyn and on Long Island.