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Parent Education Classes & Support Groups

NYU Langone’s parent education program hosts numerous classes and groups that help you prepare for childbirth and provide you with the support you need when you bring your baby home.

We also offer ongoing programs. Our free Ready, Set, Baby! childbirth information session helps you learn what to expect from the childbirth experience at NYU Langone. In addition, we have a special Boot Camp for New Dads. We also provide parenting tips through our videos on NYU Langone’s YouTube channel.

We also offer the following groups and classes. For more information about any of these programs, please call 212-263-7201. To register for any of these classes or programs, please use our online registration system. You can also learn more by visiting NYU Langone Baby on Facebook.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

Healthy Pregnancy

This two-hour class explains how your baby grows and what physical changes you can expect throughout your pregnancy. Our certified childbirth educator provides practical tips for relieving the physical discomfort that women commonly feel as their babies grow. This class is most appropriate for women and their partners in the first trimester or early second trimester of pregnancy. Register online.

Cost: $40

Boot Camp for New Moms

Gain real-world tips, advice, insight, help, and stories to help moms-to-be and new moms navigate first-time motherhood. Boot Camp for New Moms is a no guilt, no judgment place for expectant and new moms to hear a variety of experiences about how to raise a baby, and find what works for your family. Register online.

Cost: $65

Prepared Childbirth

This five-week course is designed to prepare parents for labor and delivery. Our instruction is based on the Lamaze fundamentals of childbirth: birth is a natural, healthy process, and childbirth education empowers women to be active partners in their healthcare decisions.

This class explains the different ways that women experience labor and delivery, what happens to the body during the process, and what to expect after giving birth. We also discuss pain management options, labor induction, cesarean birth, and breastfeeding.

Included is a class on infant care that shows you and your partner how to diaper and bathe a baby. It prepares you for what to expect during those first few weeks after bringing your baby home.

Couples are encouraged to register by the 20th week of pregnancy. Class size is limited. Register online.

Cost: $340 per couple

Ready, Set, Grandparent!

Soon-to-be grandparents are invited to our Ready, Set, Grandparent! class, which explores the transition to this new and exciting role. We discuss generational parenting differences, current maternity and infant care practices, and how to best help new parents. We also review and practice hands-on baby care, including feeding, diapering, swaddling, and more. Register online.

Cost: $60 per couple

Accelerated Prepared Childbirth in Japanese and English

Join us for an introduction to the basics of healthy birth. Learn about laboring at home and at the hospital, practice a variety of pain-coping techniques, and connect with other couples. This class is taught in Japanese and English, and is intended for couples where one or both partners are Japanese. Topics include Lamaze healthy birth practices, stages of labor, pain-coping techniques, medical support, and postpartum healing. Register online.

Cost: $340

Understanding Doula Support Workshop

Join us to learn more about the ways in which a birth and postpartum doula can support you throughout your labor and beyond. Register online.

Cost: $40 per couple

Accelerated Prepared Childbirth

For couples that cannot attend the weekly prepared childbirth class, we offer an intensive, weekend program that covers the same material in two seven-hour sessions. Space for this class is limited, so please register early. Register online.

Cost: $340 per couple

Prepared Childbirth Review

If this is not your first pregnancy and you’d like a childbirth refresher course, the prepared childbirth review may be for you. This three-hour class, taught by a certified childbirth educator, is offered to couples that have completed the prepared childbirth course within the last three years. It is not adequate for couples having their first baby. Register online.

Cost: $80 per couple

Cesarean Birth

This two-hour class, taught by a certified childbirth educator, is offered to couples that already have a cesarean birth scheduled. This class reviews how best to prepare, what happens during cesarean delivery, and what to expect after your baby is born. Register online.

Cost: $100 per couple

Introduction to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Webinar

This complimentary online webinar provides an overview and discusses the facts about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), as well as assists you in exploring your childbirth options. Register online.

Cost: Free

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Review

Vaginal birth is a safe and appropriate choice for many women who have previously experienced cesarean birth. This three-hour in-person session builds upon the complimentary online webinar (though it is not a pre-requisite for this session). Topics covered include facts about VBAC, common questions, and an overview of the labor process. There is also time for discussion and questions. Register online.

Cost: $80

Terrific Twins and Triplets

This course helps you and your partner prepare for the unique joys and challenges of raising multiples. From pregnancy to birth to parenting, we provide guidance, tips, and educational tools to help you plan for your new family. We also discuss self-care, baby care, feeding, essential equipment, getting around, and more. Register online.

Cost: $100 per couple

Dogs and Storks

Dogs and Storks® is for expecting families with dogs as they prepare for life with baby. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions that will help you include your dog once baby arrives. We want to help ease families into the transition from pet parents to baby parents with pets. Register online.

Cost: $40

Integral Prenatal Yoga

This four-week series is for women who have entered their second trimester. Yoga is the safest and most beneficial form of exercise. Movements and poses strengthen and tone the muscles and organs. An emphasis is placed on soothing practices including breath work and meditation. Visualization and relaxation practices with the baby are included. Register online.

Cost: $150 for the series

Yoga for Labor and Delivery

Use movement and positions, breath, and relaxation to support Mother Nature’s birthing process. Keeping the mind calm and letting go allows the body to give birth more easily. This information can be used in any setting. Sessions are for the expectant mother and her birthing partner. Register online.

Cost: $125 per couple, per session.

Baby and Me Yoga

This one-hour yoga session is for moms and babies between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 months. We practice gentle stretching, meditation, and breathing exercises to help moms build strength, balance, and flexibility. Moms also share parenting tips and experiences in a peaceful, relaxed environment. No prenatal yoga experience required. Register online.

Cost: $25

Online Childbirth Education Class: Available in English and Spanish

This online childbirth preparation class presents information on pregnancy, labor, birth stories, and comfort techniques. The course also covers topics such as medical procedures, cesarean birth, newborn care, and postpartum care. Learn at your own pace in the setting of your choice. A NYU Langone Lamaze-certified childbirth educator will be available via email for questions. You have six months from initial access to complete the class. Register online.

Cost: $150

Newborn Classes and Events

Baby Sign Language: Sign, Say, and Play!

Baby Sign Language: Sign, Say, and Play! is a six-week class during which instructors use songs, activities, books, and sign language education to teach you and your baby to communicate. Topics include mealtime, bedtime, bathtime, getting dressed, pets, and the park.

This series is recommended for parents with babies 5 months of age and older. Six to seven new signs are taught during each hour-long session. Families may register for individual topics. Siblings and other family members are welcome. Register online.

Cost: $150 for the series or $30 for each individual session

Solid Foods and Your Baby

As your baby nears the sixth month of life, he or she approaches a major milestone: eating solid food. Learn what you need to know to feel confident when introducing your baby to solid foods. Register online.

Cost: $40

Prenatal Wear Your Baby Workshop

Babywearing—using baby carriers to carry your baby on your body—offers many benefits for parents and babies, from enhanced bonding to simple convenience. In this three-hour workshop, expectant parents learn the ins and outs of choosing and using baby carriers safely and comfortably. Topics include the biology of babywearing, types of popular carriers, choosing the right carriers for your family, ensuring comfort and safety, and troubleshooting. In addition to lecture, demonstration, and plenty of time for Q&A, parents also have the opportunity to “test-drive” a variety of carriers with weighted dolls. Register online.

Cost: $65

Postnatal Bring and Wear Your Baby Workshop

Bring your baby along and join us for a fun and informative workshop on the how-tos of baby wearing. This two-hour session, taught by a certified instructor, covers the principles of safely and comfortably “wearing” your baby, with hands-on guidance. A variety of body carriers are demonstrated, and you may bring your own carrier if you wish. Meet other parents, have your questions answered by an expert and build your baby-wearing confidence. Register online.

Cost: $65

Baby Care Plus

Need a primer on how to diaper, bathe, feed, and dress a newborn? This two-hour course is available to expectant parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Health and safety needs are also discussed. This course is not intended for those taking the prepared childbirth or accelerated childbirth courses, as this material is covered during those classes. Register online.

Cost: $125 per couple

Sibling Class

This one-hour class uses discussion and educational play to help children prepare for their new sibling. The class is designed for children age three and older. Register online.

Cost: $25 per family

American Heart Association Family and Friends Infant and Child CPR: Available in English and Spanish

The American Heart Association (AHA) Family and Friends® Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Course is a three-hour course taught by certified American Heart Association instructors. It includes information about infant and child CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) use. Techniques for relieving choking in people of all ages and an overview of infant and child safety are also included. This is not a professional certification class. Register online.

Cost: $75 per person

American Heart Association Family and Friends Infant and Child CPR with Pediatric First Aid and Safety

This six-hour course teaches parents, grandparents, and caregivers the basics of first aid. Participants learn first aid skills, such as how to handle allergic reactions and burns and how to help a choking child or infant. You also learn how to perform CPR and how to use an AED. A review of home safety tips and baby proofing is provided, including a fire safety presentation by the New York City Fire Department. This course is taught by AHA-certified instructors. Register online.

Cost: $125 per person

Install Your Infant Safety Seat With Confidence

Learn basic child passenger safety as well as how to install your infant safety seat correctly, with an emphasis on installing the seat without the base in taxis. Information on where to get your car seat inspected after you install it is provided. Please bring your seat and base with you to class. This class is conducted by nationally certified child passenger safety technicians. Register online.

Cost: $50

New Mothers Group

During this weekly group, new mothers are invited to discuss topics such as infant sleep, getting around New York City with a newborn, and adjusting to motherhood. Our professional staff guides the discussions, giving new mothers a chance to share experiences and bond with other moms going through similar challenges. The New Mothers Group meets from 1:30PM to 3:00PM every Thursday. For additional information, please email Advance registration is not required.

Cost: Free to anyone who delivered at NYU Langone. For others, membership is $150.

Boot Camp for New Dads

Learn more about this three-hour class that prepares men to be dads.

Breastfeeding Classes and Support

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This two-and-a-half-hour class for expectant mothers and their partners or family members is taught by an international board-certified lactation consultant to prepare mothers to breastfeed with confidence. This class, available in English and Spanish, covers the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as provides practical information on breastfeeding and proper breastfeeding techniques. Since evidence demonstrates that the involvement of a mother’s support person is key to breastfeeding success, they are strongly encouraged to attend. Register online.

Cost: $80, or $40 if you have taken another NYU Langone childbirth course.

Postnatal Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

Taught by a lactation consultant, this one-and-a-half-hour class is for mothers who are preparing to return to work and want to keep breastfeeding. We recommend you take this class at least one month before your maternity leave ends. Babies are welcome to attend. Register online.

Cost: $40

Latch Hour

Latch Hour is for new parents with babies four weeks old and younger who may need extra guidance from a board-certified lactation consultant. In this group setting, review what you learned about breastfeeding during your hospital stay and refine your techniques, so that breastfeeding is comfortable for you and effective for your baby. Register online. Space is limited.

Cost: $25 per session

Breastfeeding Café

Need encouragement and support as you nurse your baby? Join one of our weekly breastfeeding groups, which take place at locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. At the Breastfeeding Café, you can nurse your baby with guidance from a lactation consultant while meeting other new mothers. The Breastfeeding Café meets weekly (excluding holidays). For additional information, please email Advance registration is not required.

Cost: Free to anyone who delivered her baby at NYU Langone. For others, a trial visit is $25 and continued membership is $150.