Your Cancer Care Team

A team of doctors, nurses, and other specialists comes together to provide the diagnostic testing and treatments that are most appropriate for your particular cancer care needs. Each expert at NYU Langoneā€™s Perlmutter Cancer Center plays an important role, bringing a unique set of skills, experience, and compassionate care to the treatment of cancer.

Depending on the type of cancer, your team may include a medical oncologist, who specializes in chemotherapy treatment; a radiation oncologist, who oversees radiation therapy; a surgeon who specializes in removing cancer; or other types of specialists.

Your cancer care team works together to determine the best treatment or treatments for you, crafting an individualized treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

Diagnostic Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of services to diagnose cancer and measure the effectiveness of treatments. Our services include bone densitometry, breast imaging, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, tissue evaluation, and X-ray.

We have received national honors in diagnostic imaging, including accreditation in MRI, breast MRI, and PET/CT scanning.

Our laboratory produces accurate and timely test results that help your doctor make important treatment decisions. It is a New York Stateā€“licensed clinical laboratory with advanced technology and licensed clinical staff. Our pathologists, doctors who use microscopes to look for abnormalities in cells or tissue removed through a biopsy, are responsible for the initial evaluations involved in a cancer diagnosis. They work closely with your doctor to help develop a treatment plan best suited to your condition.
Our diagnostic imaging facilities have received national honors, including the American College of Radiologyā€™s accreditation in MRI, breast MRI, and PET/CT scanning.

Types of Cancer Doctors and Care Providers

At Perlmutter Cancer Center, our cancer specialists provide treatments for every type of cancer. These may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or stem cell transplantation, among other treatments.

Medical Oncologists

Depending on the type of cancer, a medical oncologist may administer chemotherapy drugs or immunotherapy to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells in the body. These medications can be given by intravenous (IV) infusion or by injections. You may be prescribed medications to take by mouth at home. Both established treatments and new treatments that are being investigated by researchers through clinical trials are available.

Our chemotherapy-certified nurses administer the treatments in comfortable areas filled with natural light. These areas are designed for safety, comfort, and privacy and include televisions, wireless access, chair massage,Ā integrative health therapies, and spaceĀ for friends and family.

Radiation Oncologists

Our radiation oncologists provide the most advanced types of radiation therapy available today, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy and cone beam image-guided radiation therapy. These therapies shrink tumors and kill cancer cells.

Our Department of Radiation Oncology is accredited by the American College of Radiology and meets the highest standards of clinical treatment. Our radiation oncologists, who are at the forefront of research, have been leaders in developing and evaluating new therapeutic methods that spare healthy tissue and deliver effective doses of radiation over a shorter period of time.

Surgical Oncologists

Our surgical oncologists provide the highest-quality cancer care to diagnose and remove tumors, debulk tumors to help make chemotherapy or radiation therapy more effective, and relieve symptoms or side effects of therapies. Our surgeons use the latest technologies to treat cancer surgically.

Oncology Nurses

Oncology nurses at Perlmutter Cancer Center are an integral part of your care team who provide help and support to patients and their families. Working with physicians, our oncology nurses are trained to monitor symptoms, prescribe medications, and administer chemotherapy and other treatments. They also educate patients and families about their diagnosis and treatments and provide follow-up care.

Medical Support Services

In addition to cancer treatment, we provide important medical support services throughout your care.


Perlmutter Cancer Center is equipped with a state-of-the-art, sterile product compounding pharmacy that is designed to provide a safe environment for handling chemotherapy drugs. In collaboration with our skilled doctors and nurses, our pharmacistsā€™ ongoing focus is on safety, quality, accuracy, and efficiency.


Your blood may be drawn regularly to help make important treatment and diagnostic decisions. Our phlebotomy team uses the most advanced methods in blood collection to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Genetic Testing and Counseling

Genetic Testing

Our High-Risk Cancer Genetics Program provides risk assessments and evaluations for people who may be at risk for cancer due to an inherited or genetic predisposition.

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Genetic testing and counseling servicesĀ are available to patients with a personal and family history of cancer who wish to discuss risk factors, family history, and the possibility of genetic testing.

Physical and Emotional Support Services

Our support servicesĀ team provides a range of programs designed to reduce stress and improve your quality of life during treatment and beyond. Our psycho-oncologists, psychologists, and social workers offer support groups and counselingĀ to help you deal with any emotional distress associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Our supportive care teamĀ helps improve your wellbeing by reducing the physical and emotional burdens of cancer, and our survivorship programĀ helps you cope with the long-term effects of the disease. Our integrative health team provides acupuncture, massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and other therapies, and we offer tobacco cessationĀ and nutrition services.