Cancer Resources for Physicians

We provide cancer resources for physicians to learn more about clinical trials, laboratory research, and educational opportunities, including seminars and fellowships at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center. We also partner with referring physicians to provide comprehensive cancer care for patients.

Refer a Patient

If you’re a physician who would like to refer a patient to Perlmutter Cancer Center, we are available to help. Our clinically trained staff can assist you in finding a doctor who accepts your patient’s health insurance, requesting a patient appointment, and transferring a patient from another medical center. We also provide information about our patient support services, accepted insurance plans, and clinical trials.

After you choose which Perlmutter Cancer Center doctor is the best referral for your patient, we give you specific instructions for that patient’s first visit. This includes specifying the medical records, pathology slides, imaging reports, or paperwork, such as insurance information, you and your patient should provide.

After one of our doctors evaluates your patient, you receive a full report of our findings and treatment recommendations. We believe it’s important for our doctors to work with referring physicians, sharing consultation results and discussing a treatment plan.

Patient Referral Contact Information

For general patient referral information, call us at 855-314-2978. You can also call our disease management groups at the following numbers.

Breast Cancer: 212-731-6000
Endocrine Cancer: 212-731-6000
Gastrointestinal Cancer: 212-731-6000
Genitourinary Cancer: 212-731-6000
Gynecologic Oncology: 212-731-6000
Head and Neck Cancer: 212-731-6000
Hematologic Malignancies: 212-731-6000
Melanoma: 212-731-6000
Neurologic Oncology: 212-731-6267
Pediatric Oncology: 212-731-6000
Sarcoma: 212-731-6667
Thoracic Oncology: 212-731-5662