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Pediatric Congenital Heart Program

Our specialized team offers innovative care for infants, children, and adults with congenital heart conditions.

The Pediatric Congenital Heart Program, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, provides high-quality, compassionate medical care for known or suspected congenital heart defects and other congenital heart problems, including childhood arrhythmias, in babies developing in the womb, as well as in infants, children, and adults.

Drs. Ralph S. Mosca and Achiau Ludomirsky Check on PICU Patient

Dr. Ralph Mosca and Dr. Achiau Ludomirsky

Every year, NYU Langone experts provide about 6,500 outpatient visits for children with congenital heart disease. Our experts diagnose congenital heart disease using the most advanced imaging techniques, such as three-dimensional echocardiography, which uses ultrasound waves to create a highly detailed image of the heart, allowing experts to zero in on the source of the problem. We work with you to make treatment decisions based on your child’s particular condition, in collaboration with cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and pediatricians.

As part of a world-class academic medical center, we are able to offer patients a full range of therapies and the latest technologies. Therapies for congenital heart disease vary widely, depending on the type and severity of the heart defect, but may include cardiac catheterization and surgery. Our highly experienced surgeons perform about 200 cardiac surgeries each year for congenital heart defects.

We recognize that going to the hospital may be frightening, especially to young children, which is why we make every effort to provide a warm, caring, and comfortable environment for patients and families alike.

Nurse with Patient in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

We embrace a family-centered care model, where parents are valued partners in the care of their child. Families are encouraged to take an active role in their child's treatment as a member of the healthcare team, participate in daily rounds with our medical staff, and stay with their child overnight in the hospital at their child’s bedside, if they would like.

Pediatric Cardiac ICU Patient with Family

The vast majority of children with heart defects, even those with complex types, spend most of their time at home under their parents’ care, requiring only periodic visits to the pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist.

Our doctors also help transition care when our patients enter adulthood to specialists at NYU Langone’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program.

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We provide children with expert inpatient and outpatient medical care.

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Our Physicians

Our world-class, compassionate pediatric cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and electrophysiology experts provide a full range of pediatric cardiac care using the most advanced technology.

Meet Our Doctors
Meet Our Doctors

Our Leadership

  • Ralph S. Mosca, MD
    Co-Director | Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Dr. Ralph Mosca is the division chief for Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery at NYU Langone. His medical and surgical interests include reparative and palliative surgery in neonates and children with complex cardiac malformations, such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, as well as treating adults with congenital heart disease. Internationally recognized as an accomplished congenital heart surgeon, Dr. Mosca collaborates with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology in continuing to expand our world-class Pediatric Congenital Heart Program.

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  • Achiau Ludomirsky, MD
    Co-Director | Pediatric Cardiology

    Dr. Ludomirsky is the associate chair of outreach in the Department of Pediatrics at NYU Langone. His major interests are in clinical cardiology and in the development of new imaging modalities for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with congenital heart disease, from fetal life to adulthood. He is known nationally and internationally as a leader and an innovator in the field of pediatric cardiology. He has held significant leadership positions within the academic pediatric cardiology community. Dr. Ludomirsky and the entire division of pediatric cardiology at NYU Langone are working as a unified team with Dr. Mosca and his team to provide the best care possible to our patients with congenital heart disease.

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  • CB

    Catherine Bull
    PNP | Coordinator

    Ms. Bull develops and guides both the medical and nursing staffs, while helping to create a positive hospital experience for each family. She has been a nurse practitioner specializing in congenital heart disease for more than 15 years and has been integral in the development of multiple congenital heart surgery programs in the country, including her most recent contributions to the NYU Langone program. Her responsibilities include program development, enhanced patient experiences, and direct patient care in the inpatient and outpatient setting. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree from the pediatric critical care nurse practitioner program and has worked as a nurse practitioner in pediatric and congenital heart disease since graduation.

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