Childhood Stories from Our Pediatric Experts

Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone has more than 400 pediatric doctors across more than 35 specialty areas. Watch some of our doctors recount their own childhoods and what inspired them to care for children.


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Dr. Arun Chopra, Pediatric Critical Care

Dr. Arun Chopra had a fairly easy time in school as a child, but after he became a doctor, he realized the importance of going beyond the status quo. As director of pediatric critical care, he treats critically ill children who have complex conditions with a sense of calm to help families through a challenging time.

VIDEO: Dr. Arun Chopra, Pediatric Critical Care

Dr. Chanelle Coble-Sadaphal, Adolescent Medicine

A rare genetic condition brought Dr. Chanelle A. Coble-Sadaphal and her twin sister to the hospital as children, and today she draws on the experience as she treats adolescents facing a host of complex conditions. Dr. Coble-Sadaphal lends her expertise to her patients in their communities and their schools—always in the place they feel most comfortable.

VIDEO: Dr. Chanelle A. Coble-Sadaphal, Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Jason Fisher, Pediatric Surgery

As a child, Dr. Jason C. Fisher had a passion for taking things apart and reassembling them. Now as a surgeon, he uses his ability to fix things in a more meaningful way by performing challenging surgical procedures.

VIDEO: Dr. Jason C. Fisher, Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Mary Pat Gallagher, Pediatric Diabetes

Growing up, Dr. Mary Pat Gallagher developed a love of science, which ultimately led her to a medical career as the director of the Pediatric Diabetes Center. Dr. Gallagher knows that diabetes treatment can be disruptive for children and is passionate about educating families, as well as everyone else who is part of a child’s life.

VIDEO: Dr. Mary Pat Gallagher, Pediatric Diabetes

Dr. Mikhail Kazachkov, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine

Playing on a basketball team as a child gave Dr. Mikhail Kazachkov an understanding of teamwork. Now a renowned pediatric pulmonologist, he emphasizes the value of collaboration with his multidisciplinary team, who treats conditions ranging from the most complex, chronic conditions to more common breathing issues.

VIDEO: Dr. Mikhail Kazachkov, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Catherine Manno, Pediatrics

As a child, Dr. Catherine S. Manno was influenced by the way in which her physician father treated his patients. And so, when she helped build the team at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, she set out to provide a new level of care for children. With a world-class care team and a state-of-the-art facility, she strives to make children’s hospital experiences as normal as can be—with as much kindness as possible.

VIDEO: Dr. Catherine S. Manno, Pediatrics

Dr. Ralph Mosca, Congenital Heart Surgery

Inspired by his father’s work ethic and aspiration of becoming a physician himself, Dr. Ralph S. Mosca is chair of NYU Langone’s Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and co-director of the Pediatric Congenital Heart Program. A renowned heart surgeon, he performs complex surgeries on hearts as small as a walnut.

VIDEO: Dr. Ralph S. Mosca, Congenital Heart Surgery

Dr. Elizabeth Raetz, Pediatric Hematology–Oncology

After losing both of her grandparents to cancer, Dr. Elizabeth A. Raetz pursued a career in medicine to help make a difference. Following her passion for childhood leukemia, she now leads the Division of Pediatric Hematology–Oncology at the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

VIDEO: Dr. Elizabeth A. Raetz, Pediatric Hematology–Oncology

Dr. Scott Rickert, Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery

A self-proclaimed “math geek” growing up, Dr. Scott M. Rickert was drawn to medicine to use his talents to help people. Today, as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, he’s adept at identifying the different needs of families, which has helped him provide thoughtful care for the children he treats.

VIDEO: Dr. Scott M. Rickert, Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Wisoff, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Dr. Jeffrey H. Wisoff is renowned for his skills in pediatric neurosurgery, which is not surprising, given his childhood fascination with the brain. Today, he is not only called on to perform the most complex pediatric brain procedures, but he connects with patients and families in what is often a lifetime relationship.

VIDEO: Dr. Jeffrey H. Wisoff, Pediatric Neurosurgery