Your Child’s Visit

At every step of your child’s care, we want you to be as well prepared and comfortable as possible. We do this by sharing information that other families have told us helped them during their time at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Meet the Care Team

Every member of our care team has a specific role in ensuring your child’s health, comfort, and wellbeing.

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Prepare for Your Child’s Care

Whether you’re bringing your child for a well-child visit, surgery, or a hospital stay, learn how you and your family can prepare for the experience.

Your Newborn’s Hospital Stay

Learn what to bring and what to expect during your newborn’s hospital stay.

Your Child’s Doctor’s Visit

Find tips on what to bring to the visit and questions to ask when you are there.

Your Child’s Hospital Stay

We provide questions to ask before you go to the hospital and information about resources available.

Your Child’s Surgery

Making a plan before your child’s surgery can lay the groundwork for a positive experience.

Your Child’s Care Team

From doctors and nurses to specialized clinicians, meet the staff who may be involved in your child’s care.

Partnering with Our Care Team

Families are our most important partners in caring for children.

Talking with Your Child About Medical Care

Get age-specific tips on how to talk with your child about receiving medical care.

Insurance & Billing

Pay your bill, and find out about insurance coverage and financial assistance programs.