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We provide the newest and most advanced treatment for conditions that affect the eye.

When it comes to diseases that affect the eye, the earlier a condition is detected, the easier it is to manage. Accomplishing this takes medical expertise and the latest diagnostic tools. You’ll find that and more at the NYU Langone Eye Center.

Our ophthalmologists care for adults and children. We manage all conditions that affect the eye, including glaucoma, cataractmacular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. We also specialize in oculoplastic surgery, which is used to treat people with conditions that affect the eyelid and tear duct.

Leaders in Eye Care

Our practice is led by Dr. Joel S. Schuman, whose research has led to significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. He was a member of the team of scientists who created optical coherence tomography (OCT), a diagnostic test that creates a highly detailed, three-dimensional map of the eye.

OCT allows doctors to examine the different layers of eye tissue to look for disease, pinpoint its location, and develop a precise treatment plan. This diagnostic tool is also used to monitor the progression of disease, allowing doctors to recommend the right treatment at the right time.

Our team of ophthalmologists performs the latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery, endoscopic orbital and skull base surgery, and cornea transplant. We also perform hyperspectral imaging, which allows us to look at the chemical makeup of the retina and detect any irregularities that could signal disease.

Experts at the Eye Center’s ocular imaging laboratory develop and study advanced diagnostic imaging technologies. At the Eye Center’s Ophthalmic Imaging Research Laboratory, we study conditions that affect the retina, including macular degeneration. Our research is leading to new treatments for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and a host of other conditions.

Our Doctors

We manage all conditions that affect the eye, in both adults and children.

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Our Leadership

  • Joel S. Schuman, MD
    Director | Ophthalmology

    Dr. Schuman is chair of the Department of Ophthalmology and director of the NYU Langone Eye Center. His federally funded glaucoma research led to the discovery of a molecular marker for glaucoma, as well as the development of optical coherence tomography, a three-dimensional imaging procedure.

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