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At NYU Langone’s Endometriosis Center, we understand that endometriosis affects many aspects of your life. The condition—in which tissue that lines the uterus spreads and attaches to other areas in the pelvis—can impact fertility, sexual health, and quality of life. Many people with endometriosis experience pelvic pain and discomfort, especially during menstruation and sexual intercourse.

Endometriosis Center Webinar Series

Our team of experts host live webinars on topics related to endometriosis, including pain, fertility, and treatment options.

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Our diverse team of experts understands the challenges of living with endometriosis, and collaborates to create a treatment strategy that addresses your symptoms and focuses on your personal health goals.

We use the latest imaging technology and nonsurgical diagnostic testing to develop your treatment plan. Using MRI scans and focused transvaginal ultrasound imaging, we can diagnose endometriosis and determine where it has spread beyond the uterus to other areas of the pelvis. This information helps us determine the best treatment.

If you are not trying to conceive or prefer nonsurgical options, our specialists work with you to determine which medical treatment is best for you. This can include oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, and pain medication that can help manage your symptoms.

VIDEO: Gynecologist Dr. Kathy Huang talks about her team of medical experts at the Endometriosis Center who specialize in treating women who have endometriosis.

If surgical treatment is needed, our surgeons use minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques to remove endometrial growths and scar tissue. If pregnancy is your goal, surgery can help improve the ability to conceive.

For many people with endometriosis, pain can be debilitating and affect physical as well as emotional health. We offer the most advanced pain relief therapies, including nerve blocks and trigger point injections that can stop pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. We also connect you with physical therapists who can provide rehabilitation therapies to ease pelvic pain.

Our Support Programs and Services

Our mental health providers, including our sexual health therapist, can address concerns involving intimacy and the emotions that can accompany life with endometriosis.

The Leveraging Integrative Health in the Treatment of Endometriosis (LIGHTE) Program offers resources to help you manage the physical and emotional effects of endometriosis treatment. Our weekly meditation group is held in partnership with NYU Langone’s Integrative Health Services. Meditation can improve sleep, ease stress, and increase overall wellbeing.

Connect with an Expert

By providing information about your symptoms, we can connect you with an endometriosis expert to learn more about diagnosis and treatment options.

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Our patients can also benefit from other integrative health services, including the Mind–Body Patient Bedside Care Program during a hospital stay and outpatient services such as acupuncture treatment.

Endometriosis Center Webinar Series

The Endometriosis Center’s diverse team of experts hosts free webinars on topics such as pain management, fertility, and sexual wellness. An archive of all our videos can be viewed on NYU Langone's YouTube channel.

Connect with Our Experts

We understand that many people with endometriosis experience years of pain and unnecessary delays in diagnosis before receiving care. We encourage you to take our endometriosis symptom questionnaire to connect with one of our experts and learn more about diagnosis and treatment options.

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