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At NYU Langone’s Endometriosis Center, we understand that endometriosis affects many aspects of your life. The condition, which causes endometrial tissue to grow outside of the uterus, may have an impact on fertility, sexual health, and quality of life. To address all of these factors, we have brought together a team of medical experts to create a treatment strategy that addresses your symptoms in a way that is most closely aligned with your personal goals.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis

Our physicians provide expert care to women with endometriosis.

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VIDEO: Gynecologist Dr. Kathy Huang talks about her team of medical experts at the Endometriosis Center who specialize in treating women who have endometriosis.

Our team includes surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove endometrial implants and scar tissue, to relieve symptoms and improve your chances of becoming pregnant. We also have a physician assistant, Adam Slevin, who assists with surgery and performs follow up care.

For women who are not trying to conceive, our reproductive endocrinologists recommend medical treatments, such as the use of oral contraceptives, that can help to manage your symptoms. Hysterectomy can provide symptom relief for women who are beyond childbearing years or who do not wish to conceive.

Specialized Endometriosis Care

Our team approach to endometriosis care provides patients with relief from symptoms that can affect quality of life. In addition to our skilled surgical team, our pain medicine experts understand the discomfort that accompanies endometriosis and offer strategies to provide relief. This includes physical therapy that can ease pelvic pain.

We also connect you with therapies and guidance that can make living with endometriosis easier. Our women’s mental health therapist can help you with concerns involving intimacy and the emotions that can accompany life with endometriosis. Our registered dietitian educates patients about how dietary choices can affect endometriosis symptoms, and our acupuncturist provides treatments that can ease pain.

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