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Recovery & Support for Preterm Labor

At NYU Langone, specialists from our Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) at Tisch Hospital, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island, and NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to consult with women being treated for preterm labor and their partners.

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A NICU staff member is present during your labor and your child’s birth to help determine whether your baby needs any special care. If your baby stays in the NICU, our doctors, nurses, and other staff are available around the clock to give you updates on your baby’s care. Before the baby’s birth, parents are encouraged to tour the NICU.

In addition, NYU Langone offers the following services for parents and babies.

Breastfeeding Education and Support

Because some premature babies have difficulty feeding, our lactation specialists offer breastfeeding education and support for mothers of premature babies and can help address breastfeeding challenges. Mothers are encouraged to bring in breast milk they’ve pumped at home to be fed to their babies. NYU Langone’s hospitals have each achieved Baby-Friendly Hospital certification in recognition of our support for breastfeeding moms and their babies.

Social Work Services and Counseling

NYU Langone’s NICUs have a social worker on staff to help you access a variety of services designed for families with premature babies, including individual and family counseling, support groups, parenting education, financial assistance, and transportation to and from the hospital.

Preparing for Future Pregnancies

Our doctors are skilled at helping women who have had a preterm labor to prepare for subsequent pregnancies. They can offer advice on ways to reduce your risk in order to prevent a future preterm labor.

Our Research and Education in Preterm Labor

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.