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Transgender Health

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Leader in Healthcare Equality
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has recognized NYU Langone for excellence in patient-centered LGBTQ+ care.
Surgical Expertise
Our multidisciplinary surgical team performs more than 550 gender-affirming surgeries per year.
High-Quality Patient Care
NYU Langone has been recognized by Vizient, Inc., and The Joint Commission as a leader in overall patient safety and quality care.

At NYU Langone, we provide transgender and nonbinary adults and adolescents with compassionate care that addresses each individual’s specific needs. Our diverse team includes doctors, nurses, and social workers who follow the standards of care guidelines provided by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Comprehensive Gender-Affirming Care

Our team provides surgical care, fertility preservation, hormone therapy, and rehabilitation care.

Surgical Care

Our surgery team performs more than 550 surgeries a year and includes plastic and reconstructive surgeons, urologists, and gynecologists. We perform a range of gender-affirming procedures, including the following:

  • facial gender-affirming surgery, including facial feminization surgery and facial masculinization surgery
  • surgery to remove breasts, known as top surgery or mastectomy
  • surgery to add breasts, known as breast augmentation
  • vaginoplasty to create a vagina
  • phalloplasty and metoidioplasty to create a penis
  • hysterectomy to remove the uterus and oophorectomy to remove the ovaries
  • orchiectomy to remove testicles
  • fertility preservation, including egg freezing or sperm freezing

We are at the forefront of innovation and research in transgender surgery, conducting studies to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Hormone Therapy

Our endocrinologists provide tailored gender-affirming hormone therapy. Testosterone, estrogen, and medications to block hormone production are used to meet the transition goals of the individual patient. Hormones are not a part of every transition, but for those who desire them, we offer a variety of methods including pills, injections, and long-acting implants.

Rehabilitation Care

Our physical therapists at Rusk Rehabilitation have worked with hundreds of people during their recovery from gender-affirming surgery, using techniques which can help with scar management and mobility after surgery. This includes specialized pelvic floor physical therapy following vaginoplasty. We also help with scar management and mobility after mastectomy, chest masculinization, and phalloplasty.

Transgender Health Support Services

We provide support that is focused on improving your overall experience accessing care as a transgender or nonbinary person. Our nurse navigator can connect you to healthcare providers who are sensitive and affirming. Our social worker helps you prepare for gender-affirming surgery, making sure you have support during recovery and access to services that support you after surgery.

We offer surgery education classes led by staff who are directly involved in your care, including during the hospital stay, surgical procedures, and recovery. During this class, you have the opportunity to hear from people who have been through surgery share their experiences of recovery and life after surgery.


For 10 consecutive years, NYU Langone has been designated an LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Learn About Our Healthcare Equality Index Score

Our LGBTQ+ Advisory Council provides helpful input and guidance on our transgender health services. They are supported by transgender and nonbinary professional staff. We also participate in the national and international community of surgeon–scientists, participating in research collaboratives such as TransArc and devising care guidelines and training standards.

Transgender Care for Adolescents

For adolescents, we provide medical care, hormone therapy, and mental health services through our Transgender Youth Health Program, including pubertal suppression and psychological counseling for the entire family.