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Interventional Radiology

We have locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Interventional radiologists at NYU Langone are leaders in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques that provide patients with an alternative to open surgery. This approach allows complex procedures to be performed in the arteries, veins, and almost every organ in the body.

Interventional Radiologists

Our interventional radiologists are experts in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

How Interventional Radiology Works

Interventional radiologists are doctors who use X-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, or CT scan imaging technology to guide small, specialized instruments through the body, allowing them to treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the blood vessels and organs. The techniques allow targeted therapies and procedures to be done quickly and safely, resulting in less discomfort, quicker recovery, and better results compared to open procedures.

At NYU Langone, our physician team of interventional radiologists is supported by a group of specialized nurses and technologists.

Interventional Radiology Treatments

The list of medical conditions that can be treated by interventional radiology is constantly growing. Interventional radiology procedures can be used to treat cancer and improve blood circulation, among other things.

Our interventional radiologists provide the following treatments:

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