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NYU Langone Radiology—Tisch Hospital

We offer inpatient and outpatient imaging services, including nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology stress testing, as well as vascular and neurointerventional radiology. We also offer MRI with anesthesia, CT, X-ray, and ultrasound.

Hours of Operation

MRI with Anesthesia

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 7:00AM-11:00AM; Wednesday, 8:30AM-12:30PM; Saturday, 8:30AM-1:30PM

Nuclear Medicine

Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-6:00PM; Saturday, 8:00PM-4:00PM; Sunday, 7:30PM-3:30PM

Nuclear Cardiology Stress Testing

Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-6:00PM; Sunday, 7:30AM-3:30PM

Vascular Interventional Radiology

Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-6:00PM

Neurointerventional Radiology

Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM

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Our Location

NYU Langone Radiology—Tisch Hospital

560 First Avenue
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016

General Info: 212-263-5230
Nuclear Medicine Scheduling: 212-263-7410
Nuclear Medicine Fax: 212-263-7519
Nuclear Cardiology Stress Test Scheduling: 212-263-5667
Nuclear Cardiology Stress Test Fax: 212-263-2867
Vascular Interventional Radiology Scheduling: 212-263-5898
Vascular Interventional Radiology Fax: 212-263-7914
Neurointerventional Radiology Scheduling: 212-263-6008
Neurointerventional Radiology Fax: 212-263-0405
MRI with Anesthesia Scheduling: 212-263-8868
MRI with Anesthesia Fax: 212-263-2290
Presurgical Testing: 212-263-3821
Medical Records: 212-263-5227

Getting Here

We can help you find a doctor. Call 646-929-7800 or
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