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Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery

250+ Pancreatectomies Annually
As one of the nation’s highest-volume centers for pancreas surgery, we’re able to deliver superior outcomes.
Pancreatic Robotic Surgeries
We perform more robotic-assisted pancreatic surgeries each year than any other health system in New York State.
Leaders in Liver Transplants
Our one-year patient survival rate for liver transplants is the highest in New York State.

NYU Langone hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeons are renowned worldwide for their skill and expertise in caring for people with benign and cancerous conditions that affect the liver, pancreas, bile duct, and gallbladder. Our mastery of open, minimally invasive, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted procedures, along with our relentless dedication to quality, enable us to treat all disorders of these organs, including the rarest and most highly complex, with outstanding outcomes.

Cancer Care

Excellence in Cancer Care

We are part of Perlmutter Cancer Center, an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

We provide care for people with cancers of the bile duct, gallbladder, liver, and pancreas through Perlmutter Cancer Center. Our surgical team at the Pancreatic Cancer Center has built a reputation as being among the best in the nation for pancreatic procedures. Our surgeons routinely perform the robotic Whipple operation and removal of tumors with major blood vessel involvement—often those that other hospitals consider inoperable. Highly specialized surgeons at our Liver Tumor Program can perform essentially any operation necessary to treat cancer, ranging from robotic liver resections to liver transplantation.

Our Specialty Care Programs

Histotripsy for Liver Cancer

We are the first hospital system in New York City to offer this groundbreaking technology. Histotripsy, a noninvasive form of focused ultrasound, destroys liver tumors on a subcellular level, offering unprecedented precision.

The team at NYU Langone’s Pancreatic Disease Program specializes in treating people with pancreatitis, pancreatic cysts, pancreatic tumors, and pancreatic cancer. They also offer genetic testing and counseling for people who may be at increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer due to family history or other risk factors.

Members of our team are part of the NYU Langone Transplant Institute—where we offer exceptional care that incorporates the latest technological advancements in liver, living donor liver, liver–kidney, pancreas, and kidney–pancreas transplants. Our high-volume liver transplant program performs 100+ transplants annually. We have the highest one-year patient survival rate in New York State, and a 100 percent one-year survival rate for people receiving a liver from a living donor.

The Latino Liver Program provides Hispanic and Latino children and adults with culturally conscious care.

Liver transplants for children are offered by the Pediatric Liver Disease and Transplant Program at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Our Surgical Expertise

Excellence in Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Our program is among the few worldwide specializing in advanced vascular techniques: these allow us to remove tumors most other programs thought were inoperable.

Our team is skilled in the most advanced minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques, which we offer at all of our locations: Tisch Hospital, Kimmel Pavilion, NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, and NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island. Our operating rooms are among the most technologically advanced in the nation, with many featuring imaging systems that reveal tumors on a microscopic scale.

We are the highest-volume robotic pancreatectomy program in New York State and one of the highest-volume robotic hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery programs in the nation.

We are among the only teams in the world to offer vascular reconstruction after partial or total pancreatectomy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. This complex procedure can in many cases lead to remission of the disease.

In addition, we perform all surgical procedures to treat disorders of the liver, pancreas, bile duct, and gallbladder, including the following.


U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” ranks NYU Langone among the top 5 hospitals in the nation for gastroenterology and GI surgery.

For pancreatitis for which surgery is recommended, we specialize in a wide range of procedures, including endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and debridement and drainage procedures such as pancreatic cyst gastronomy.

We create an individualized treatment plan for every person we care for, drawing on our expertise in endoscopic and surgical treatments as well as medical therapies. In addition, we offer patient education and ongoing monitoring and support for patients and loved ones. We provide survivorship groups and palliative care to ensure long-term health monitoring and improvements to quality of life.


As a National Pancreas Foundation Center of Excellence, we lead the nation in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Our Leading-Edge Research

Our team are leaders in basic, translational, and clinical research aimed at learning more about and discovering new treatments for pancreatic cancer and other hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases and conditions.