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Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program

We have doctors located throughout the New York City area.

Experts in NYU Langone’s Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program use a variety of techniques to limit or avoid the use of blood transfusions and blood products during surgery or other medical procedures. These strategies, known as bloodless surgery or patient blood management, are aimed at minimizing the use of donor blood or blood products such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

Patient Blood Management During COVID-19

Our experts discuss issues related to patient blood management during the pandemic.

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Our team is highly trained in the latest patient blood management techniques and technology that can reduce blood loss and conserve blood during procedures. Minimally invasive robotic surgery typically helps decrease blood loss through the use of tiny incisions and smaller surgical tools. Our surgeons are skilled in performing these types of procedures in many specialty areas, including cardiothoracic surgery, gynecologic surgery, and orthopedic surgery, including hip and knee surgery.

Research shows that people who avoid receiving blood transfusions have fewer infections and allergic reactions, a faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay. They can also have fewer complications after surgery. A bloodless approach to treatment also helps prevent exposure to blood-borne viruses and infections.

Many people prefer not to have blood transfusions for religious, medical, or personal reasons. Our team believes in supporting your right as a patient to make informed decisions involving your care. We respect your beliefs and work with you to accommodate individual blood management needs and preferences.

After meeting with you to discuss blood management options, our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other support staff work together to create a treatment plan. We offer various blood conservation techniques and tools to reduce the potential need for blood transfusions before, during, and after surgery.

Our team of experts helps prepare you for surgery by screening you for anemia, a condition that develops when your blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells. If necessary, we provide treatment for anemia and ensure adequate levels of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body.

Appointments and Referrals

A dedicated coordinator works with you, your family, and your doctors to answer your questions. We also provide assistance with doctor referrals and education about your treatment options.

For physicians wishing to refer a patient to our program, to schedule an inpatient consult, or for questions about patient rights and bloodless surgery options, please call us at 212-263-0906 or email us at #bloodlessmedicine@nyulangone.org.