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Social Media Comment Policy for the General Public

At NYU Langone Health, we have an active presence on social media. Through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram we hope to engage in conversation with individuals and organizations who are interested in medical care, research, and education.

We encourage your comments and opinions, and we aim to respond to as many of your posts as we can. To keep the conversation productive, we ask you to please:

  • Keep personal information private. Please don’t post medical and personal information about yourself or others, including family and friends. The internet is not private, and the information that you post will never go away, sometimes even after you delete it.
  • Be honest. Please don’t misrepresent yourself or post information that you know is incorrect.
  • Be polite. If you use profanity or post a personal attack, vulgar language, or harassing comment, we will remove it.
  • Don’t post spam. This includes repeated postings, chain letters, advertisements, and all other postings that are unrelated to healthcare or NYU Langone Health.

We reserve the right to review comments posted on our social media sites and to remove any that violate our policy. We also reserve the right to block repeat offenders from continuing to post.

Please remember that medical information is covered by privacy laws. We can’t comment on the specifics of your medical situation or answer questions regarding your medical treatment on social media. We’re here to provide information, not advice, so our postings are not professional medical recommendations. Please consult your medical provider with any specific questions that you have about your health.

Postings that appear on our social media do not necessarily reflect the views of NYU Langone Health. When we link to another website, that site may not necessarily reflect our views, either. And, if we choose to follow another user or highlight another social media post, we are not endorsing that user or content.

Finally, when you post on any of our social media channels, you agree to indemnify us against any legal claims related to posted material, such as damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, and/or expenses.

We look forward to interacting with you.