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Preparing for Your Visit as an International Patient

At NYU Langone, we strive to make traveling to New York City from abroad for medical care as simple as possible. Upon your arrival, we pair you with a member of our International Patient Services team who assists you throughout your time here.

As you are planning your visit to NYU Langone, we offer suggestions for what to bring for your hospital stay. If you are bringing your child to Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone for medical care, we have suggestions for what to bring, preparing for your child’s surgery, and preparing for your child’s hospital stay.

We also ask that you fill out the following forms:

To help you prepare for your stay and ensure your comfort once you are here, we provide the following support services.

Accommodations Assistance

If you are scheduled for inpatient care at one of our hospitals, NYU Langone can offer you a semi-private, private, or deluxe room.

If you are seeking outpatient treatment or have people accompanying you who require their own accommodations, we can help. Our International Patient Services team works with Guest Services to help you find comfortable housing in the New York City area that is respectful of your budget and personal preferences.

Interpretation and Translation Services

For patients and families who need or prefer to communicate about their healthcare in a language other than English, we provide professional medical interpreters free of charge. We arrange for interpreters who can help you and your family during all phases of your care. We provide face-to-face interpreters, as well as interpreters via telephone and video.

For your convenience, we have translated important medical forms and patient health education materials into several languages. Please ask your international coordinator or healthcare provider if these materials are available in your preferred language.

Support During Your Visit

We offer integrative health services, including guided meditation, acupuncture, massage, and reflexology, which can be accessed while in the hospital or as an outpatient.

Spiritual, religious, and chaplaincy services for adults and spiritual, religious, and chaplaincy services for children are available. Our chaplains are trained to counsel people of all faiths and are available to meet with you or your family at any time of day. They offer prayer and emotional support, and can perform religious services such as baptism, communion, and anointing of the sick. Religious items and specialty foods, including kosher snacks and halal meals, are available upon request.

For children, we provide emotional support to help the experience seem less overwhelming. Our child life specialists and art and music therapists help ease feelings of anxiety and help your child cope with medical treatment.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services for international patients, please call 1-212-263-3588 or email internationalservices@nyulangone.org.