Patient Forms

Before receiving care as a patient at NYU Langone, we ask that you complete several forms to make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities. We encourage you to read and understand the forms before your visit. You will sign the forms at your appointment, so you do not need to print or sign them in advance.

Patient Hands Tablet to Receptionist

Review the patient forms for the following types of visits:

We also provide doctor’s office forms in other languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Types of Visits

You may be coming to NYU Langone for a doctor’s office appointment or for a hospital stay as an inpatient, outpatient, or for observation. The forms you need to fill out vary depending on the type of visit, which include the following:

  • An inpatient stay at a hospital, which usually lasts at least two nights, often for surgery, medical treatments, or to stabilize a serious illness or injury.
  • An outpatient stay, which may take place at a hospital or one of our outpatient care centers, where you may have tests, a variety of treatments, or minor surgery. The stay is typically a few hours.
  • Observation, which is a specific kind of outpatient care. People under observation remain in a hospital bed while being monitored for a serious change in their medical condition, usually for less than 24 hours. During that time, a healthcare team decides if the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital.
  • A visit to a doctor’s office to receive care from a physician or another medical professional.

Forms for Your First Visit

During your first visit to an NYU Langone facility, including a hospital, care location, or doctor’s office where the NYU Langone logo is displayed, you need to read and sign the Patient Privacy and HIPAA Rights forms. Learn more about HIPAA patient privacy information.

For your safety, we use the PatientSecure® system. With biometric technology, the system scans a unique feature of your hand to simplify patient registration and provide the most accurate form of patient identification for future visits to NYU Langone.

We encourage you to review these forms as well:

Forms for Your Inpatient Visit

People coming for an inpatient stay need these forms and information:

Forms for Your Outpatient Visit

People coming for an outpatient visit need the following forms and information:

Forms for Your Observation Visit

People coming for an observation visit need the following form:

Forms for Visits to a Doctor’s Office

If you are a patient who has not yet been to an NYU Langone doctor’s office, you can review the registration forms below in advance of your first office visit to help expedite the initial registration process.

Please call your doctor’s office if you have questions about the forms.

Additional Forms for Doctor’s Office Visits

Review these additional forms that you may need during the course of your treatment at NYU Langone:

Notice of Privacy Practices in Other Languages

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Fact Sheet and Consent Form in Other Languages