Young Lung Cancer Program

We offer personalized care for people ages 45 and younger who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Our experts at the Young Lung Cancer Program, part of the Lung Cancer Center, understand your unique needs and work with you to offer specialized services.

Our program includes thoracic oncologists, thoracic surgeons, geneticists, reproductive endocrinologists and fertility experts, physical medicine and rehabilitation experts, and social workers. They collaborate to meet your unique and individual needs. We offer diagnosis and treatment for all types of lung cancer, including small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

Personalized Support for Younger People with Lung Cancer

Our team of experts guide you throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, focusing on your needs as well as supporting your family and caregivers. Our specialists can help maintain physical activity after a lung cancer diagnosis and assist with reproductive concerns associated with cancer and its treatment. We can also help you learn how to talk to children about a cancer diagnosis and whether or not other family members may be at a higher risk of developing lung cancer.
We also offer support groups dedicated to young people diagnosed with lung cancer and their families, genetic counseling, pulmonary rehabilitation, and fertility services to help people understand how cancer treatment may affect family planning.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please view our list of doctors. To learn more about how the Young Lung Cancer Program can help meet your needs, please call 212-731-6228.