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Wellness Services for Women with Disabilities

NYU Langone’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities at the Elly and Steve Hammerman Health and Wellness Center provides programs that help you maintain and improve your health and wellbeing. These programs are free of charge, except where noted.

Nutritional Counseling

A balanced diet is essential for optimal health and wellness. Our registered dietitian works with you to create an individualized plan that addresses your specific nutrition goals.

Services include the following:

  • nutrition education
  • strategies to improve nutrition habits to help achieve a healthier weight
  • medical nutrition consultation to help prevent and control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders
  • the creation of tailored meal plans, along with ongoing support and health coaching, to help women make independent choices to meet their nutritional and health needs

Our office is equipped with a wheelchair-accessible scale. Individual sessions can last between 30 and 60 minutes. Group sessions are also available.

The out-of-pocket cost for this service depends on your insurance coverage. Call 212-598-6429 for more information.

Social Work

Our social work program provides therapeutic support for women living with a disability. Individual counseling sessions allow participants to express themselves and develop coping skills and strategies. We also can provide referrals to trustworthy resources and help participants to become self advocates.

If you are interested in joining our weekly support group for women living with disabilities, please contact our social worker program at 646-754-1351.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles at certain points on the body. The needles may help to increase blood flow and trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. This method of treatment can be especially helpful if you have chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, or anxiety.

Although generally considered painless, the insertion of the needles may cause a dull, achy sensation. This typically goes away after a moment or two.

The cost of acupuncture is $5 per session. Call 212-598-6429 for more information.

We can help you find a doctor. Call 646-929-7800 or
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