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NYU Langone Provider

Erez Nossek, MD

NYU Langone Provider
  • Specialty: Neurosurgery
  • Treats: Adults
  • Languages: English, Hebrew
  • Phone: 212-263-0596
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As a vascular neurosurgeon, I specialize in treating people who have had stroke and people who have conditions that carry a high risk of stroke, such as moyamoya disease, intracranial atherosclerotic disease, and cervical carotid stenosis. I also treat people who or are at risk for conditions that cause bleeding in the brain, such as brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, and arteriovenous fistula. Through my extensive training, I am able to offer my patients the option of minimally invasive endovascular techniques or open vascular neurosurgery.

I am originally from Israel and served in the Israeli Air Force for seven years before medical school. I was fascinated by the advanced technology of the jet aircrafts that I flew, and it was these technological intricacies that attracted me to neurosurgery, where technology plays a significant role in the operating room (OR).

The field of vascular neurosurgery has progressed significantly over the past decade, due to devices and technologies that allow for minimally invasive treatment options with high efficacy and safety profiles. As director of NYU Langone’s Cranial Bypass Program, I perform extracranial–intracranial bypass surgery—often called cranial bypass or cerebral bypass surgery—to improve blood flow to the brain and prevent strokes. During this procedure, I divert a blood vessel located outside the skull that flows into the scalp and connect it to a blood vessel in the brain. Rerouting blood flow to the brain provides additional flow and that reduces stress on the body’s circulation and lessens the risk of stroke or bleeding inside the brain. As a neurosurgeon, witnessing the immediate postoperative improvements of my patients is gratifying.

Cranial bypass is a complex procedure that is not routinely performed at other institutions. Before each surgery, I use methodologies I learned as an Air Force pilot to plan for the most successful outcome. I start by acquiring as much information as possible about the patient’s specific neurovascular anatomy, followed by simulation of the case using preoperative high-tech options of three-dimensional analyses. I also use virtual reality systems and preoperative real technical practice in the OR under a surgical microscope. At NYU Langone, I am fortunate to work with a highly skilled team of clinicians with the same passion for patient care.

I am devoted to treating, as well as researching, both the clinical aspects and genetics of carotid webs. A carotid web is a small, shelf-like membrane lesion at the carotid bulb—the area where the carotid artery widens at its main branch point—that carries high risk for stroke in younger patients. There is still so much to learn about this lesion and how to prevent brain injury for these patients.

At NYU Grossman School of Medicine, I teach neurosurgery fellows, residents, and medical students. I believe that being a mentor and educator is an integral and essential part of being a physician and a surgeon. Teaching the next generation of physician to further advance treatment options for our patients is one of my major goals. I was extremely proud and honored to be named best teacher of the year during 2020.

Conditions and Treatments

  • aortoiliac occlusive disease
  • arteriovenous fistula
  • arteriovenous malformation
  • brain aneurysm
  • carotid artery disease
  • carotid stenosis
  • cavernous hemangioma
  • cerebrovascular disorder
  • hemifacial spasm
  • intracranial hemorrhage
  • moyamoya disease
  • stroke
  • subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • trigeminal neuralgia
  • vascular malformations in the torso & limbs
  • veno-occlusive disease
  • bloodless surgery
  • carotid endarterectomy
  • extracranial-intracranial vascular bypass
  • microvascular decompression

Education and Training
  • Fellowship, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, Intervent. Neurorad., 2015
  • Fellowship, NSLIJ University Hospital, Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery, 2014
  • MD from Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev, 2007

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  • Aetna
    • Aetna HMO
    • Aetna Indemnity
    • Aetna International
    • Aetna Medicare Advantage
    • Aetna Open Access EPO
    • Aetna Open Access HMO
    • Aetna POS
    • Aetna POS (American Express Employer)
    • Aetna PPO
    • Aetna Signature Administrators PPO
    • Aetna Student Plan
    • Allied
    • Chesterfield Resources Inc
    • Christian Brothers Services
    • CoreSource
    • Nippon Life of America-Aetna
    • Nippon Life-Aetna
    • Starmark
    • WellNet
  • Amida Care
    • Amida Care Medicaid
  • Anthem BCBS Health Plus
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    • BCBS Healthplus NY Child Health Plus NY
    • BCBS Healthplus NY Medicaid Managed Care NY
    • BCBS Healthplus Special Needs
    • Empire Mediblue Healthplus Dual
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Anthem BCBS CT PPO
    • Anthem BCBS CT Pathway PPO
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Large Group
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access GEPO Small Group
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    • BCBS EPO
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    • BCBS PPO/EPO Small Group
    • New York Hotel Trades
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    • Vytra HMO
  • Healthfirst
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  • Hotel Trades Council
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  • Local 1199
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  • Medicaid of New York
    • NYS Medicaid
  • Medicare
    • Medicare Part A and B
    • Medicare Part B
  • Metroplus
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    • Qualcare Inc
    • Screen Actors Guild
    • Teamsters Allied Benefits
    • US Life Insurance Company
  • NYSHIP - The Empire Plan
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  • Oxford
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  • Qualcare Inc.
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  • Sedgwick WTC
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    • US Family Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
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    • Bind Benefits inc
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    • UMR
    • Unite Healthcare (NY University Care Plan)
    • United Health Care Charter
    • United Healthcare AARP
    • United Healthcare All Savers
    • United Healthcare CareCore
    • United Healthcare Choice
    • United Healthcare Choice (AMEX employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (Blackrock employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (CBS employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (Simon
    • United Healthcare Compass Exchange
    • United Healthcare EPO
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    • United Healthcare Golden Rule Insurance
    • United Healthcare HMO
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    • United Healthcare Indemnity (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare Medicare
    • United Healthcare Navigate
    • United Healthcare Nexus
    • United Healthcare Nexus (Amex Employees)
    • United Healthcare POS
    • United Healthcare PPO
    • United Healthcare Plus (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare Student Resources
    • United Healthcare Student Resources (NYU)
    • United Healthcare Value, Advantage and HDHP (New York University employees)
    • UnitedHealthcare Choice (NY Power Authority Employees)
  • VA Community Care Network
    • VA CCN Optum
  • WTC Health Program
    • NY Fire Department - WTC
    • WTC Health Program
  • Wellcare
    • WellCare Medicare
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Locations and Appointments

NYU Langone Neurosurgery Associates

530 First Avenue, Skirball Suite 8R, New York, NY 10016

Academic office

530 1st Avenue, Suite 8S

New York, NY 10016



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