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Medication & Surgery for Vertigo

Specialists at NYU Langone can often help people with vertigo manage dizziness and other symptoms using vestibular rehabilitation, a noninvasive technique that uses a specialized form of physical therapy to help your body adjust to the condition. However, if your doctor identifies a cause of vertigo that can be treated with medication or surgery, these may be recommended.

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There are many possible causes of vertigo, some of which originate in the inner ear and others in the brain. The type of treatment your doctor may recommend is specific to the type of vertigo diagnosed and the results of hearing tests and imaging studies.

Dr. John Golfinos and Dr. J. Thomas Roland

Dr. John Golfinos and Dr. J. Thomas Roland.

If vertigo is a symptom of a condition that requires surgery—for example, if a noncancerous growth called an acoustic neuroma is interfering with the function of the inner ear—NYU Langone surgeons who specialize in conditions that affect the brain and inner ear may collaborate with other neurosurgical specialists to recommend the appropriate procedure.

Some procedures are performed in an outpatient setting. Others may require general anesthesia and require a hospital stay.

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