Medication for Meningioma

Medication is not often used to treat meningioma, but it is an option for people who have atypical or malignant tumors that donโ€™t respond well to surgery or radiation therapy. It may also be recommended for people who canโ€™t have surgery or radiation therapy due to poor health.

Clinical Trials

NYU Langone doctors may encourage people who need medication to enroll in a clinical trial, in which new and experimental therapies are evaluated. You and your doctor can discuss whether a clinical trial is right for you.


One medication that has shown some promise in people with meningioma is interferon, which is composed of naturally occurring proteins that stimulate the immune system to fight malignant meningioma. Interferon may help reduce blood flow to meningiomas, preventing them from growing.


Bevacizumab, also known as Avastinยฎ, is a monoclonal antibody medication composed of immune system proteins that attack malignant cells. It may also decrease blood flow to meningiomas.

Other Medications

Hydroxyurea, a medication that slows or stops the growth of cancer cells, may also be effective for some people with meningioma.

Medications that prevent the hormone progesterone from attaching to meningioma cells may also be promising. Some tumors grow when they are exposed to progesterone.