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Our Approach to Treating

Hip & Pelvic Fractures

Physicians and surgeons at NYU Langone provide treatment tailored to help people with hip or pelvic fractures regain mobility. These injuries often occur as a result of a fall or other accident. Fractures can occur in the thigh bone, called the femur, or the pelvis.

Hip and pelvic fractures most commonly affect people older than age 60. People with osteoporosis—a condition that causes bones to become weak and fragile—are also at an elevated risk.

Hip and pelvic fractures usually require immediate care at an emergency room. Our nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons use advanced imaging techniques to identify the location and severity of a fracture. Working closely with rehabilitation specialists at Rusk Rehabilitation, our doctors customize treatment to relieve pain, restore hip function, and help you recover as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Hip and Pelvic Fractures

Although hip and pelvic fractures often require surgery to ensure a full recovery and prevent further joint damage, our orthopedic specialists explore nonsurgical alternatives whenever possible.

Our Research and Education in Hip and Pelvic Fractures

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.