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Our Approach to Treating

Osteoporosis & Low Bone Mass

Osteoporosis is a disease in which your bones, as a result of age and other factors, become thin and weak, making them prone to fracture. Low bone mass, which is formerly known as osteopenia, refers to an intermediate state in which, according to certain guidelines, your bones are thin but you have not yet developed osteoporosis.

At NYU Langone, diagnosing and managing low bone mass and osteoporosis is a collaborative effort, involving experts from different fields, including endocrinologists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, and radiologists. Some people with severe osteoporosis may also benefit from working with physiatrists—doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine—and physical therapists at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation to maintain overall strength.

Treatment for Osteoporosis and Low Bone Mass

At NYU Langone, our specialists often recommend lifestyle changes for people who are diagnosed with low bone mass or osteoporosis. Doctors also prescribe medications, as well as dietary supplements, that help increase bone density and prevent fractures.

Our Research and Education in Osteoporosis and Low Bone Mass

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.