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Support for Autonomic Disorders

People with autonomic disorders need ongoing care to manage symptoms. Most people take medication long term, so experts at NYU Langone’s Dysautonomia Center perform regular follow-up medical evaluations to assess their health status. 

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Our doctors encourage all people with rare autonomic disorders to be seen at least annually and enroll in our patient registries to help researchers understand and track the conditions. 

During a visit, your doctors may repeat autonomic testing. They look for your responses to treatment, and if needed, adjust your medications. 

Dysautonomia Center

Our team at NYU Langone’s Dysautonomia Center includes physicians, researchers, and nurses who evaluate, diagnose, and treat autonomic disorders in children and adults. This team specializes in the management of people with genetic disorders, like familial dysautonomia, as well as neurodegenerative diseases that cause autonomic impairment such as multiple system atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and other neuropathies.  

The Dysautonomia Center also specializes in managing the symptoms of pure autonomic failure. Our doctors prescribe treatments and medications that can help regulate blood pressure and other symptoms.

The center is one of the only sites in the world that conducts research and treatment for people with afferent baroreflex failure. Our team members are experienced in managing problems with the autonomic nerves that go to the blood vessels and cause abnormalities in blood pressure. They also work with people to find the ideal therapeutic strategies to buffer the swings in blood pressure and manage emotional stress. These may include relaxation techniques, physical maneuvers such as leg crossing, abdominal compression with a surgical binder, and medications. 

In our clinical program for children and adults with familial dysautonomia, our experts work with a variety of specialists and provide comprehensive care.  

Clinical Trials

People with autonomic disorders may benefit from participating in clinical trials, in which doctors and researchers test promising new therapies. NYU Langone doctors run a research program of clinical trials to find new diagnostic methods and medications for treating autonomic disorders. You and your doctor can discuss whether a clinical trial is right for you.

Our Research and Education in Autonomic Disorders

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.