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Oculoplastic Surgery Services

NYU Langone oculoplastic surgeons offer compassionate, individualized care that includes evaluations and surgery, if necessary.

Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez and Patient

 Our oculoplastic surgeons, including Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez, specialize in treating people who have conditions affecting the eye and eyelids.

We specialize in a variety of conditions affecting the eye as well as the eyelids and the lacrimal, or tearing system of the eyes. These include the following:

  • absence of or blocked tear ducts and chronic infections and inflammation of the tear ducts
  • cosmetic eyelid surgery
  • corneal exposure, a condition in which the eye’s cornea, or front part of the eye, becomes inflamed
  • eyelid drooping, also known as ptosis
  • eye tumors
  • facial nerve disorders that produce incomplete eyelid closure
  • loss of an eye
  • post-traumatic injuries affecting the eye
  • eyelid retraction due to Graves’ disease

Our Oculoplastic Surgeons

NYU Langone specialists have decades of experience and are highly skilled in caring for people with a wide range of conditions affecting the eye and eyelids.

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