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Noninvasive Weight Loss Services

NYU Langone plastic surgeons offer a noninvasive weight loss treatment that can trim inches of fat off the waistline, back, thighs, and arms.

The treatment, called Vanquish, works best for people who have tried other weight loss and exercise programs but have not been able to trim those last few inches from trouble areas. For long lasting results, Vanquish works best when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Most patients see results within one to three months.

How Noninvasive Fat Removal Works

Vanquish works by targeting the fat cells that sit between your skin and muscle. The Vanquish device delivers heat at a radiofrequency that affects only fat cells, not the surrounding tissue. The radiofrequency destroys the fat cells, which then leave the body through the urinary system.

NYU Langone experts recommend four, 45-minute treatment sessions for optimal results. During the treatment, you lie on a table while the heat-emitting panels are positioned above the target area. When the procedure begins, you feel a warm sensation throughout the treatment zone. There is no physical contact with the panels, and the treatment is pain free.

After the session is over, we recommend that you drink water to help your body naturally flush out the dead fat cells.

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