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myFace Family Support Center

At the myFace Family Support Center at NYU Langone, which is a part of our plastic surgery services, we understand the psychological, emotional, and social impact that facial differences can have on a person and his or her family.

Facial differences can be congenital—present at birth—and include conditions such as a cleft lip and palate. If they occur later in life, they are referred to as “acquired” and may be the result of an accident or trauma.

We believe that the psychological and social wellbeing of our patients and their families is just as important as the best medical care and surgical outcomes. We offer a range of services that include psychological assessments, psycho-educational workshops, short-term and ongoing psychotherapy, innovative social programs, and referrals for neuropsychological evaluations. Psychological and academic testing is also provided.

Parents Meeting with Counselor

Experts at the myFace Family Support Center provide counseling to parents of children who are born with facial differences.

Services may be initiated as early as the prenatal period, when a child is identified in the womb as having facial differences, and continue throughout the course of a person’s medical and surgical treatment.

Patient Support

We can assist with a variety of issues that people with facial differences may experience. These may include anxiety, depression, social inhibitions, anger, and “acting out” behaviors. Throughout a patient’s treatment journey, we offer supportive counseling to patients as well as their parents, siblings, spouses, and significant others.

We also provide intensive psychological support for people having surgery and assist with workplace and academic transitions.

Our Support Team

Our specialists have decades of combined experience working with and supporting patients who have facial differences as well as their families.

Our team includes:

  • Jessica Aceste, MS, LCSW, social work 
  • Kristen Hay, PNP, BC
  • Margaret Lico, MS, CCC-SLP, speech pathology
  • Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, MSRD, CDN, nutrition

Contact Us

Our office is located at 222 East 41st Street, on the 22nd floor. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 212-263-5834.