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Craniofacial Services

The members of NYU Langone’s craniofacial team perform procedures that correct facial differences that can affect function and appearance. We provide surgical and orthodontic treatment for facial skeleton malformations that are a result of congenital disorders, trauma, and treatment for head and neck cancer.

Our plastic surgeons, dentists, and orthodontists take a collaborative approach to care that includes shared doctor’s visits that allow you to meet with several members of your care team on the same day. For people with complex conditions that require intensive treatment, we work closely with our colleagues in psychology, speech therapy, and social work to help patients and families manage all aspects of treatment. This holistic approach, which addresses physical, social, and emotional aspects of craniofacial treatment, is a key component of our care.

Craniofacial Surgery

Our plastic surgeons have extensive experience with complex pediatric plastic surgery, and bring those skills to treatment for both adults and children. We focus on treatment that improves or restores function, while also aiming to achieve the best possible cosmetic result. 

Nurse Practitioner Amanda Young and Dr. David A. Staffenberg

Our craniofacial specialists, including nurse practitioner Amanda Young and Dr. David A. Staffenberg, provide compassionate care for children and adults.

Treatment for adults often involves reconstruction after injury or trauma, or a surgical procedure to treat cancer or another condition that has affected the face or skull. We also correct or update surgeries for congenital anomalies that occurred in childhood, such as ear, eyelid, nose, or jaw deformities.

In addition to appearance, surgery can improve breathing and hearing function. Using techniques to repair damaged nerves, we restore facial movement and provide pain relief. For people who had surgery to remove part of the skull, we work with NYU Langone neurosurgeons to perform cranioplasty to repair the skull and improve the head’s shape and appearance.

Plastic surgery for children who have craniofacial conditions such as cleft lip and cleft palate is provided through Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Orthodontic Services

Our craniofacial dental and orthodontic team focuses on surgical jaw corrections, dental implants, and orthodontic care for people with craniofacial conditions that affect the face, jaws, and teeth.

Our dental laboratory features advanced equipment that allows doctors to diagnose underlying craniofacial problems and develop appropriate treatment plans, including the following:

  • digital radiography for instant dental X-ray imaging
  • advanced cone-beam CT scanning for a three-dimensional image of the teeth and jaw
  • three-dimensional printers and simulators for predicting tooth movement
  • three-dimensional intraoral scanning and CT scans that allow orthodontists to create customized devices used in preparation for surgery and during surgery

We care for adults and children who have a cleft lip or cleft palate, developmental jaw growth disturbances, sleep apnea, and genetic conditions, such as Apert syndrome and Pfeiffer syndrome, that affect the shape of the head and jaw. We also treat those with an irregular or asymmetric smile or who are missing one or more teeth. We use orthodontic devices to treat jaws that are misshapen or asymmetrical, or that have been injured or altered by trauma or cancer surgery.

We provide the full range of standard orthodontic treatment using fixed metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign®, and orthopedic appliances such as retainers and other devices that improve teeth alignment and appearance.

Our Craniofacial Team

Craniofacial disorder treatment and head and neck cancer reconstructive surgery are complex procedures that require a team approach. Our specialists work closely together to provide outstanding results and compassionate care.

Plastic, Craniofacial, and Oral–Maxillofacial Surgery

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