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Product Design & Consulting

The ergonomic product consulting services at NYU Langone Occupational and Industrial Orthopedic Center provide usability evaluation for existing products as well as prototypes for product lines. Our research staff uses direct objective and indirect subjective methods for usability testing and to improve performance and design.

Our experts have consulted with numerous firms for biomechanical and ergonomic product evaluation.

Services we offer include the following:

  • assessing force capabilities and excessive forces or identifying pressure on surfaces
  • three-dimensional motion tracking to assess motion patterns and postural deviations
  • electromyography testing to assess muscle activity in terms of onset, relative effort, and fatigue
  • indirect measurements, such as interviews, focus group meetings, and surveys, to provide essential information for the development and evaluation of a product

Our product design and evaluation service enables designers and small businesses to submit their products to high-quality testing. The results can be used to demonstrate adherence to safety guidelines and comfort, giving the product an edge in performance and marketing.

An ergonomic assessment is also necessary for medical device approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to adhere to functional performance criteria set by Section 508 under the Rehabilitation Act.