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Corporate Stress Management Program

Through our Corporate Stress Management Program at NYU Langone Occupational and Industrial Orthopedic Center, our team assesses stress levels among company employees through observation or standardized questionnaires. It can then make recommendations for improving overall work satisfaction and productivity.

We can work with a company’s medical and human resources departments to identify teams of workers or those in a particular department who might benefit from stress management. We can then provide customized group seminars in the workplace.

As part of the Corporate Stress Management Program, we offer the following services:

  • education about the relationship between stress and physical, psychological, and behavioral problems
  • self-assessment and monitoring techniques to enable workers to chart their progress
  • relaxation techniques
  • cognitive coping techniques
  • problem-solving strategies

Sessions may also include information about time management and social skills training, when appropriate. We encourage the development of programs that your organization can maintain, and our professional staff is prepared to train select personnel in various aspects of cognitive behavioral education, so that they can serve as resources within your organization.