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Inflammatory Disease Genetics Program

At NYU Langone’s Inflammatory Disease Genetics Program, the geneticists, rheumatologists, and certified genetic counselors on our team care for adults and children with autoinflammatory conditions whose symptoms are severe or whose cause is unknown.

We use both genetic testing and research-based analysis to identify the underlying genetic causes of these conditions. Using this information, we work to provide the most-advanced targeted therapies, counseling about how the condition may develop and change over time, as well as risk assessment for other family members.

Our team specializes in autoinflammatory conditions in which inflammation recurs without clear signs of infection, autoimmune disease, or cancer, including the following:

  • VEXAS syndrome, a rare but serious condition that can cause unexplained symptoms throughout the body, such as fever and fatigue, painful skin rashes, pain and swelling of the ears and nose, coughing or shortness of breath, and vasculitis. Learn more about how we care for people with VEXAS syndrome.
  • periodic fever syndromes, which are conditions characterized by recurring fevers not caused by an infection
  • severe, unexplained inflammation that causes symptoms in the bone marrow, lungs, cartilage, or skin

Our Team of Doctors

Our experts evaluate the underlying genetic cause of autoimmune diseases with the goal of improving care for children and adults

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