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Heart Health Lecture Series

NYU Langone’s Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease hosts free educational events throughout the year through our Heart Health Lecture Series. Launched in 2015 under the direction of cardiologist Dennis A. Goodman, MD, director of integrative medicine at NYU Langone’s Leon H. Charney Division of Cardiology, this patient education initiative focuses on helping you take control of your heart health and work toward a healthier future.

Presented via webinar, the Heart Health Lecture Series covers topics such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, obesity, and stress. The series also highlights the latest information related to the conditions that increase cardiovascular disease risk such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions, thrombotic disorders, and high blood pressure. Our expert speakers present the latest clinical information on scientific research, offer suggestions for better health, and provide dedicated time to answer questions from webinar participants.

Upcoming Heart Health Lectures

Registration is required for our free webinars. For more information about upcoming programs or to subscribe to our events calendar, email HeartHealth@NYULangone.org.

Eating Well in a Time Crunch

Do you find it challenging to eat well when your schedule fills up? Have you struggled to make sense of nutrition labels, restaurant menus, and health claims on product packaging?

Join NYU Langone clinical nutritionist, Heather Hodson, RD, to learn important strategies for making nutritious choices that fit into a busy lifestyle. Heather will share practical tips for dining out and simple food swaps you can incorporate at home and when on the go. Cardiologist and moderator Dennis A. Goodman, MD, will lead the dedicated live question and answer session.

Topics include:

  • identifying important dietary patterns and nutrients that prevent disease, promote lasting and sustained energy levels, and support overall health
  • reviewing considerations for reading and understanding nutrition labels and front-of-package claims
  • discussing guidelines for choosing on-the-go meal and snack choices that support your goal
  • discovering over a dozen healthy snack options for sustained energy

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Time: 5:00 – 6:00PM
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An Update on Aspirin and Blood Thinners, Presented by the Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

How do blood clots affect the risk of heart disease? Who is at risk for blood clots? What are the latest recommendations for the use of aspirin? How does COVID-19 infection affect clotting and cardiovascular disease?

Join NYU Langone cardiologist and renowned platelet expert Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, as he shares the latest information about the use of aspirin and other blood-thinning therapies (antithrombotics) to prevent a first heart attack or stroke. Dr. Berger will share the latest discoveries and ongoing research on the role platelets and other blood-clotting proteins play in contributing to heart disease, stroke, and vascular disease in the legs. He will also highlight the important changes in recommendations about the use of aspirin in healthy elderly individuals and share new information about aspirin use in patients with diabetes. Moderator Dennis A. Goodman, MD, will lead a live virtual session to field questions from webinar participants.

Other topics covered:

  • the causes of blood clots and who is at risk
  • new antithrombotic therapies and how they work
  • evaluating the benefit versus risk of antithrombotic therapy
  • the latest research developments on blood-clotting, including how scientists are working to identify which populations are at a greater risk for cardiovascular events

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Time: 5:00–6:00PM
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Watch Our Previous Lectures

Select Heart Health Lectures can be viewed on NYU Langone’s YouTube channel. Visit our Heart Health Lecture Series playlist to view our lecture video library and to check for new content.

Examples of our lectures include the following:

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