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Exercise & Cardiovascular Wellness Programs

Adopting a physical fitness routine is one of the most important things you can do to improve your cardiac health. Physical activity improves multiple cardiovascular risk factors, including blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, and stress, and has the unique ability to improve blood vessel function.

Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, we invite you to learn more about how our fitness-focused and sports cardiology programs can help you safely reach your fitness potential.

Fitness-Focused Cardiology Program

The fitness-focused cardiology program is geared toward people who are new to an exercise routine or who need guidance in building and maintaining a new commitment to exercise. We believe exercise is medicine, and that everyone benefits from a prescribed exercise routine that fits their body, age, and health status.

Dr. Sean P. Heffron Monitors a Patient on a Treadmill

Dr. Sean P. Heffron helps people of all fitness levels safely start and maintain an exercise program.

Our program is led by Dr. Sean P. Heffron, a cardiologist with specialized training in exercise physiology. Dr. Heffron assesses your history with exercise, current fitness level, and medical status to develop a plan to improve your cardiovascular health through physical activity and focused exercise. He provides practical advice on starting and maintaining an exercise program and recommendations on the right types of exercise for you. This is done in collaboration with your doctor and dietitian and with specialized attention to your cardiovascular health history.

Schedule an exercise consultation with Dr. Heffron or call 212-263-4300.

Sports Cardiology Service

Dr. Heffron has teamed up with cardiology services through NYU Langone Sports Health to provide specialized care for athletes and active people of all ages. This includes specialized care for athletes with heart conditions and athletes who are predisposed to developing a heart condition, including people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other lipid disorders.